Last Sunday, I found myself at Knitsmiths. I'm a devoted Knitsmither, but lately my attendance has been spotty. Some very fortunate developments in the personal-life department have lead to some very unfortunate realities in the knitting-group department. Luckily my fellow Knitsmiths are understanding and supportive to a fault.

I digress. It was Sunday afternoon and I was at Knitsmiths. Who else was there but May! Now, if you follow the Knitsmiths' blog, you know that May is a champion crafter. More often than not May (or one of her daughters) will be wearing this fabulous sweater (or skirt, or jacket, or pair of pants--you get the idea) and you'll ask May "Did you make that?" and the answer is always "Yes." I'm in awe of May's skill and patience with all things fiber.

This Sunday was no different. May whips out this amazing bag, finished with oh-so-cute handles and a thoughtfully inserted lining.


May's skills extend beyond the item's production. She also has great attention to detail. Take the lining, for instance. In order to prevent the woven fabric from peaking through the knitted one, she attached black fabric to the lining's outside. A simple solution, but one that I probably would not have though about doing myself.

A few of us hatched plans to swipe May's bag while she wasn't looking :-). No not really. But what a few of us did do was hatch plans to knit our own versions.

May used this pattern (you need to email Kate to get a copy of the pattern) and she made some changes to it. I love how May's bag tapers slightly at the top, and the alternative handle choice she made.

For me, a slightly smaller version of May's Fake-a-Gamo would be a cute spring/summer bag. May advised that you knit this in cotton, and I agree, but I was also wondering about Berroco Suede. May's yarn (she used Idean Almedahl's Cotton Lux) seemed to be less of a spun thread, and more of a woven one. It was almost like a thick, but non-stretchy, ribbon yarn or a cord.

Let's just put this on the project list.

Oh, and it would seem that my CharlieCard Mittens have caught the eye of many a transit blogger. *Blush* I'm so flattered! A recent Live Journal thread contained this helpful suggestion from Lizzie Girl.

I would make a modification - place the button at the other end of the pocket, so that if it comes undone your charlie card doesn't fall out and make you extra sad (extra sad because now you've wasted money on these mittens that didn't work righh AND lost your charlie card.)

Friggin' brill! Why didn't I think of that? I wonder, however, if it would make slipping one's mittened hand into one's pocket more difficult, because the flap might get snagged on the edge of the pocket. What do you think?


I like that bag too. I found it through another blog at the beginning of fall. I think that would be a perfect spring bag. Hmm, I'll look forward to see what yarn you use for it too.

You could attach the button flap on the pocket and have it button onto the mitten. It wouldn't make the charlie card as secure, but the mitten/pocket issue would be less of one.
I adore that bag. Too bad though, because I would knit it and then realize it's entirely too small for me.

I saw that modification idea, and here's my thought on it---are your hands always down at your sides? Sure, when you're walking. But what about when you're reading or knitting on the train? I'm willing to bet that my hands spend about as much time up as they do down, even when I'm wearing gloves or mittens, so I don't think the mod would be worth it, for me. Aesthetically, I prefer it the way it is.

I like the idea of the button and pocket be sideways. That is, the opening is towards your thumb. this way, it doesn't matter if your mitten is up or down, and you always have good access to the card as well.

that is just a lovely bag! totally make it! i'd love to see you what colors you choose.

as for the mitten option, i like may's idea!

How about you make a closure a bit like a pillow case? Say that you knit the little pocket and sew it onto the mitten, next make another small rectangle of knitted fabric that will be put about 1 inch above the first one, but will be big enough to cover about 1 inch of the first one... do you understand what I mean? No button to open, impossible for the card to fall out and no button in the way to create trouble if you want to put your mittened hand in your pocket... actually now that I think about it... the second little square would be even better at the bottom of the pocket... if you get what I mean LOL. I should make a drawing :)

Cheers Eva

Wow, your mitten is really taking off! You found the one thing that people didn't even know they needed. And now they all want one!

I second May's suggestion -- but we knitters are good at thinking for ourselves. I think where you put the button is aesthetically pleasing, and as long as you have a nice firm button and buttonhole, any placement should be fine.

ok, those mittens are really really cool. and look at boston being so progressive (now that i left, of course).

I like your mittens how they are. I think it would be harder to put them into your pockets with the flap the other way. If you are worried about the flap coming undone, you could put a thin strip of Velcro on the inside of the flap and on the mitten so that the Velcro would be another safeguard. I would put the hook side on the mitten since the flap would be reasonably easy to remove and reknit once it gets raggedy.

You could put the opening INSIDE the mitten with no button, just a slot ofset from the pocket, like a buttonhole that needs to be streached a bit to get the card in.

You are TOTALLY brilliant. The mittens are fabulous. You rock.

aw, that bag is nice!! i followed along when they were trying to figure out that pattern a while back... this is probably the nicest one i have seen!

So glad to read of the fortunate developments :-) That bag is totally cute!

I rushed over and requested a Faka-A-Gamo pattern. I love those handles. May is a fabulous finisher. I hope I can make a lining that looks that good. Any tips?

Help someone...I tried to get the knitted bag pattern from the kate blog but i'm having trouble with the passport thing in yahoo. can someone get a copy of the pattern for the knit bag and post it here? i love it and i have to make it!!!

That is a sumptious pattern! wonder there was bag envy at Knitsmiths!! That is a great bag. With regard to Berocco suede...if you get it wet, it will s-t-r-e-t-c-h. I made a purse for my bagaholic friend Cheryl...who had it with her at an amusement park and got it wet on the log ride, and it was hanging down to her knees by the time she was done!! Just a little FYI.

Hi! Colleen, note: Charlie Cards now have numbers on them. Keep up with that number- if lost MBTA can cancel and reissue you a card and transfer the money. Flap on glove- no problem either way.

(Circle of Hugs)

Hi! Colleen, note: Charlie Cards now have numbers on them. Keep up with that number- if lost MBTA can cancel and reissue you a card and transfer the money. Flap on glove- no problem either way.

(Circle of Hugs)

Wow. Gorgeous bag. I love the lining. A good lining can make or break a handbag, don't you think? And congratulations on your mitten success! A new pair might debut here in D.C. soon.

thanks for the link to the fake-a-gamo. i like your idea of making it in the berocco suede...i bet that would look great. may's bag turned out fabio...i really love her finishing details and she is a wayyy better sewing person than i could ever hope to be. it's so much fun to see how everyone's bags are turning out. one of these days i will set up a photo gallery. i've gotten pics versions from all over the world--russia, brazil, china, and you can't believe the creativity! well, maybe you can. anyhoo. have fun with your fakies...would love to see how they turn out! hugs,kate @knitlit


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