By The Numbers

15: Minutes of fame.

105: Comments left for my original mitten post (the most ever for a single blog entry).

100: individual donations to Rosie's Place.

$1,625: total amount of donations, in US dollars. That's sixteen hundred twenty five US dollars in case you need it spelled out. I'm swooning as I type this.

2: fine articles about 1 pair of mittens.

1: Handknit hat


3: Winners!
First, we had the drawing for the mittens:


The winner of the custom-knit pair of CharlieCard Mittens is Miranda of Wilmington, Delaware!

Second, we had the drawing for the shawl pin from Leslie Wind


The winner of the Leslie Wind Pin is Kris of Longwood, Colorado!

And third, we had the drawing for the shawl pin from Chris at Scotts Mountain Crafts


The winner of Chris's Pin is Laurie of Clarkson, Michigan!

[Thanks to William, who pulled the names and served as hand model for these photos.]

Congratulations to all the raffle winners. I'll be in touch by email to arrange further details.

As a last word to all this: thank you! Thank you to everyone who read my blog and spread the word about these mittens. Thank you to everyone who left a comment or kind word. Thank you to everyone who donated to Rosie's Place. You all raised over $1,600! That's a lot of money, no matter how you slice it, and it's going to support an extremely worthwhile organization in my city. Wow!

Have a great weekend everyone; I'll catch you on Monday.


That's so awesome, Colleen! Who would have thought that something like this could happen in our little corner of the world!
Those are some darn fine mittens for sure!

well done!! changing the world one handknit at a time colleen :)

Another excellent project completed. What's next?

There were at least 2 articles that I saw in Chicago online sources as well. I got a little excited when I saw an article about a blog I read!

I worked at Rosie's for years back in/around college.
That's such a great fundraiser, I wish I had seen your blog sooner!

You've become such a celebrity. I got THREE emails from different friends telling me about the Globe article. It was cool because I could write back, Oh, sure, Colleen and her Charlie Card mittens. lol I told one of them to write you because she wants a pair.
Congrats on the fame and adoration!

That is the coolest. You are having your moment of fame and doing something for a good cause. All because of knitting and a blog.

I won?!? I won, I won!!!! How did I win? I NEVER win anything. I actually teared up when I recieved your email. I can't wait to recive my Leslie Wind shawl pin. Thank you!
You are a very special person to use your talents to benfit such a worthy cause.
Knit on!!!

My nonknitting friends are always amazed when I tell them how much a single knitblogger can accomplish for a good cause with a single post. Congratulations!

Yay Colleen! 15 minutes and more than $1600 dollars!!! The power and goodness of knitters. It is just amazing.

Congrats, again! I think that it is really awesome: 1. to share the spotlight with Rosie's Place and to get people to respond in a meaningful way; and 2) to show how cool knitting and knitters are.

As a fellow Bostonian, I just love your mitten idea! Will make so many people happy. Nothing worse than taking your mitten off to get something out of your bag, etc. Especially in this cold!

(little slow on the uptake here) :)

How wonderful to raise more than you'd hoped for for a very worthy cause! I love LOVE the drawing bowl/hat--very approriately knitted!

Keep up your wonderful knitting...and bringing a lot of good things to fruition--and a lot of good knitters as well.

Wow... we sure raised a LOT of money :)
Congarats to all the winners!!

Cheers Eva

Way to go, Colleen - you've started off the new year with a bang! What fun to follow this fun project. Hats off to you! (but the mittens stay on! ha)


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