Blown Away!

By all of you and my new camera. Raffle donations to Rosie's Place are hovering just below $1,300. I cannot thank all of you enough for supporting this charity. Haven't donated? You still have the opportunity. Click on the PayPal link in my sidebar, and if you have any questions please email me at colleen[at]subwayknitter[dot]com.

Wow, things have improved in the five plus years since my old camera came into existence! The new one is smaller, lighter, and easier to use. It'll consume less space in my bag, thus I won't think twice about carrying it when I'm traveling light.

Plus, there's this neat-o stabilization feature. No more blurry pics in dim lighting conditions!


(I wrote nothing about good pictures in dim lighting conditions. It is January.)

Okay, back to the knitting.

Well, frogging and reknitting didn't take too much time. I'm in the mood for a large-gauge stockinette project these days and I love knitting when I don't need to look at what I'm doing. It's much better on the eyes.


So which camera did you go with?

I need a camera with neat-O-stabilization!!! About time they put that in!

Good to see you measured and frogged. We all get to the point where we have to choose our eyes or the pattern. Maybe the length reduction overall will result in yarn for a matching hat.

Heh heh...oh Colleen, did you not see the sad, sad, sad heap of frogged yarn that was/is my jo sharp cardigan? perhaps it is jo sharp. though i think not - in my case i blame the bamboo...and my complete lack of attention to anything during the particular week in which the initial back and both fronts were knit. fortunately, we are both back on track, and at least the yarn is just luscious, no? second time's a charm.

So what kind did you get? The knitting is looking good!

Made my donation tonight. And yes, I want to know what kind of camera you got as well. Carrying the SLR around with me all the time is getting tiresome (even though I do love it).

Right there with you on the soothing stockinette these days. Something about January . . .


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