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Hey, remember when I used to knit lots of stuff? After the technical brilliance that was the Wavy Cables Scarf (and Hat) it seems like I'm coming down off of a small fiber high. Oh, don't worry, the knitting's still happening, it's just happening on a much, much, much slower basis than before.

January's the perfect time for me to kick back and relax a little bit with my knitting (some feel it's the right time to knit lace). And knit a thumb or two.


A few of you asked if I have a favorite mitten pattern. I have a mitten pattern--Ann Budd's pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns--and I don't know if it's my favorite because it's the only one I have ever tried. It seems to work well; why tinker with what works?


I'm with the lace knitting. Not that it's quick going in this distracted time of year, but it does seem soothing.

Oh hey, I have that book, and I've been meaning to try mittens. Trouble is that I've not really embraced DPNs.

i have that book and am planning on using that pattern for my mom's mittens.

Don't fix what ain't broke.

The mittens are perfect.

I used that book for my first pair of socks, and have been eye-balling the mittens and the tams. I love that once you've knit something from that book once, you can do whatEVER you want to it the next time without any major conundrums.

Hopefully the weather will be cold enough to wear them!

The Budd Books are my knitting bibles. They are the only ones I actually understand.
Nice progress on the mittens. The temps are finally getting low enough for them around here.

The mittens look great! Where canI get lace patterns?


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