A Wee Bit of Progress

[We're hovering below $800 raised for Rosie's Place. See my sidebar for more information about how you can donate. Please help me make my goal of $1,000 raised by Friday January 26th.]

After the progress of an entire day spent in knitty pursuits, the letdown of a normal day's knitting is hard to avoid.


Still I powered past the first set of back increases, and I'm just past the second pair here. The Jo Sharp is knitting up well, and so far I've encountered only one knot in one ball (I'm always annoyed to find a knot in a ball of supposedly first-quality yarn. I didn't pay mill-end prices, why am I getting mill-end quality? This reason alone keeps me from buying Debbie Bliss yarns. Her yarns are notorious for being full of knots.)


CONGRATS on the $ raised so far! Rosie's is a fantastic place and this is terrific of you to do! Have a great day.

Those knots are a real pain in the ....
Do you rip out to the end, make your change mid row, or what? Lazy me, often I just keep going if the yarn is multicolored. I know someday I'm going to be so sorry. By the way love the color of your yarn.

I'm with you on the frustration of knots in yarn. I'm working with Rowan Yorkshire Tweed right now, and have already found two knots in the first skein! GRRRRRRR.
Congrats on the total for Rosie's Place. I think this is absolutely fantastic!!

I agree re debbie bliss yarns. They're so soft but a real headache. you'd think she'd invest a bit in quality control....

well done colleen! those are fabulous mittens and i will definitely contribute to rosie's place.

Oh, you are so close to $1000! Keep it coming, people!

Loved learning about Rosie's Place and hats off to you for leading this fund drive!! I've bookmarked their site (and yours!) for more contribution opportunities.

Looks gorgeous! And congrats on being so close to the goal. It's such a great cause. Yay! As for yarn knots... I'm such a cause of them myself that I haven't noticed when they're not caused by me. O_o

Looks great! So true about Debbie Bliss yarns -- and IMO, the Debbie Bliss patterns are similarly unreliable. It's a shame.

I hate finding knots in yarn. My favorite so far was two completely different colors knotted together in some Noro Silk Garden, a problem for me since I am knitting Lady Eleanor and don't want to change color in mid-rectangle. Argh. I haven't worked much with Debbie Bliss, but the two balls I have used were knot-free. Beginner's luck, I suppose.

(PS: I <3 the Charlie Mitts! So ingenious.)

Hang in there Colleen. It always seems as if the beginning goes like lightning and then comes a slow spot. Too bad about the knots. We all hate knots...especially in the quality yarns.

Cheer, cheer, you go, girl!

Just wanted to let you know that I forwarded your article to a friend who blogs in DC (since they use the same type of passes) and even though her's is not a knitting blog, she posted it on her site.(number4of5.blogspot.com) After the raffle, you should definitely sell the pattern!! Maybe with some of the proceeds going to the charity of your choice. I bet even if folks don't use the pocket for a Charlie card, it would still come in handy for a lot of things - access cards for work, change, etc.... I'm sure it'd be a hit! Knit ON!

I, too, am horrified if I find a knot .. I'm an old-fashioned-gal and join the old-fashioned way .. so that a knot really messes me up!

When I started knitting my last sweater, the first ball was full of knots! I was so scared that the whole batch would be messed up, but it was only that first ball...


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