Who Needs Thumbs?

When you're as small as Miss Kate, who needs thumbs?


The lack of thumbs just makes the mitts look cuter, in my opinion. As predicted, I whipped up these mitts in about five subway trips, plus some after-hours knitting. All in all a very quick project. Except for the i-cord to connect the mitts so that they stay in Kate's snowsuit, I'm almost done.

I have no idea if these mitts will actually match the snowsuit, but they contain just about every baby-friendly color. I can't imagine that they would clash (much).


Awwwwww Kate, girlfriend you don't need thumbs. What a sweet Aunt you have!

Colleen, I am so jealous you live in Boston. I was there in October and started reading your blog somewhere around then. I absolutely loved it and would love to live there. I rode the T, went to Circles, Windsor Button, A Good Yarn (in Brookline, can't remember if that is the name of it)and walked down Newbury Street until I thought I would drop. I loved it all!!

Merry Christmas to you!

Those are so damn cute!!!

I can't help but echo scout: they are SO cute! :)

yep, cute as buttons those mitts are!

Beautiful! I wish my boys were still young enough for thumbless mittens. So much easier than mittens with thumbs! Little Miss Kate will be alucky southern belle, now won't she?

Very cute and no their hands stay warmer without the thumbs. You neice's personal assistants will take care of carrying needs anyways. LOL.

Those are so cute. I have twin grandaughters. Do you have a pattern for a beginner to knit those?
Happy Holidays!

Oh my gosh, these are so absolutely cute!
Happy Holidays!

I would love a pattern, too. Lots of babies in my world!


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