What's Next for Subway Knitting?

What's next for Subway Knitter?

The knitting plate is empty, and needs a few new knitting projects. I'm not sure how they'll be prioritized. This book has been calling my name. So many cute booties to knit, and so many cold toes. This might be just the way to put some sock-yarn leftovers to use.

Also, it's clear that I need to knit myself a new sweater or two. [And this isn't only because I managed to leave a whole bunch of clothes at my parents when I was visiting for Christmas.] This pattern has been on the list since Shannon announced her intentions to knit her own version of a favorite store-bought knit. I know the original sweater, and she's right to love it as much as she does. It looks (looked? what's its status these days?) fabulous on Shannon. I hope that I can achieve similar results.

During Blogging Hiatus the First, back in October, I swatched some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. Other knitting committments and uncertainty about my ability to commit to a sweater pushed it aside until now. This would be a great train project.


it's not out of the question for me to have two knitting projects happening at once. One's at home, and one's for the train. We'll see.


Yes, yes! That would be a great project.

Thanks for posting that link to the sweater pattern - I love it! I think I *had* that store-bought sweater, and would love to recreate it. Good luck and Happy New Year!

that's a great sweater! I love how the silkroad aran works up, too. :)

Two projects at once? Scandal! I just made a list of my WIPs - um, 12.

i've never used silkroad aran. looks luscious!

That sweater looks great. Definitely going in my "some day" file.

I love the baby bootie book! The projects in there are so cute and fun and *fast*. It did my heart good to make a few for my nephew. I don't think he ever wore them, but they were a great knit.

You have a sweater shaver, yes? The Jo Sharp will pill to buggery - I made Rogue out of it and am constantly trying to get on top of the pilling. Next time I'd try knitting it at a much tighter gauge than recommended.


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