Wavy Cables Blocking

Wow, yesterday's prediction was dead on:


If it looks like the scarf goes on for miles it does. This thing is looooong. Blocking must have relaxed and flattened the stitches. Suddenly, 68 or 70 inches became more than six feet. Actually, I haven't measured it; I'm just guessing. If it's too long when I try it on, I'll just shorten it.

If you're wondering why I'm blocking this on towels instead of my trusty (off-white) dining room rug, I'll tell you: the yarn bled during the cold-water wash. Not wanting to risk a stain, I laid out the scarf on some towels. So far, none of the dye has transfered to the towels. Still, I'll need to be careful after future washings to keep this away from light colored textiles.

Meanwhile, I have a date with a paintbrush. I'll catch you peeps next week.


holy moses she grew! long scarves are great though :) keep you really warm when it's all blustery outside.

Recently, I've seen a couple of openwork scarves grow by 25%, and one 2x2 rib grow 20%. One of the pleasures of scarves is they seem not to require swatching and blocking, but then the universe laughs.

Don't shorten it! Imagine it wrapped and wrapped and wrapped around you!

Gorgeous! And loooooong scarves are luxurious.
And thank you..I just finished the Colleen Christmas stocking you linked to from the Berroco site for my MIL. That Ultra Alpaca was heavenly to work with!

That looks great, Colleen! I like the length!

I love it! I like extra-long scarves, but at least you can adjust the length if it's too long for you (I wonder if it will grow more lengthwise when you wear it too?).

I really like the stitch pattern!

You have been tagged. Yes, I have fallen victim to a vicious BLOG meme and now I have tagged you. Go to my website www.ethicalthought.com to find out more. Although you can ignore this too. it is fine with me!

i love the way it's looking -- the stitch pattern really pops! i think long scarves are very cool...


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