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Yeah, that's what greeted me on Friday evening. If you've been keeping track, I had that laptop for exactly six weeks to the day. It was a good six weeks, but (and call me crazy) I thought that it might stick around for longer than that.

There isn't much to write. I'm not going to pretend that this doesn't suck scissors, and that I don't desperately wish that it didn't happen, but things could have been much, much worse. I didn't encounter a drug-crazed lunatic in my living room. No one got hurt; no yarn was injured (although I discovered this morning that one of my--empty--knitting bags was pinched). All that I need to do is grouch about my insurance deductible (which is easily chewed up by the window repair). Everything can (and will) be fixed; everything can (and will) be replaced. I have no plans to undertake any extreme security upgrades, buy a doberman, or put bars on my (second-story) windows. Short of staying home all the time with my trusty Louisville Slugger at my side, there's not a whole lot that I can do to completely protect my home. If someone truly wants to get in, he's getting in.

Because I am once again laptop-free, blogging will slow for a while. This has the benefit of saving all of you from post after post after long-winded post about the Wavy Cables Scarf (it's at five feet eight inches as of this morning), and it gives me time to admire my disco pantry:


It's not everyone who has a disco pantry.


Glad you're safe, and that you weren't home. The bastards. My brother has been robbed three times so far during his five-year residence in Berkeley. It's true, if they want in, they'll get in. Glad you have insurance, elementary as it is, not all renters have it.

I'm so glad you are safe, but even so. What a pain!
I managed to foil someone trying to break into my bedroom one night. The noise he made sounded like the dogs getting up to no good and nothing will wake me out of a sound sleep like the dogs up to no good. I sat up in bed and yelled at them and scared the guy away. Dogs never even woke up. I didn't figure out that someone was trying to get in my window until I looked at the screen the next morning.

Oh Yuck. Had it really only been six weeks? This year is going by both slow and fast :) Gld you're ok, nice disco pantry!

How awful! I just had my car broken into and the radio stolen as well as a whole bunch of special ed software for work, so I can relate somewhat. I also just got a new laptop and would go crazy if it was stolen! Like others have said, thank goodness you weren't home! It's such an intrusion and just an awful feeling. I was jumpy at night for weeks every time a car alarm went off.

So sorry to hear about your burglary, but glad to hear that you have insurance. We had our laptop, both digital cameras, an iPod and a bookbag to carry it all stolen in September. I couldn't sleep until we had a security system put in. Got a great discount on our homeowners' insurance. Silver lining, silver lining, silver lining. Ugh.

Damn that sucks! So sorry to hear about the break-in & theft. Someone tried to break into my house once and they apparently couldn't get in, so they set my son's hobby horse on fire (and they couldn't even do that) and the ass melted off. I am intrigued by the Disco pantry. What kind of food is in there? Quisp cereal? Tang? Jello 1-2-3?

Yep, getting robbed sucks. Glad to hear that you're ok. When it happened to me, other than the insurance paperwork, the worst parts were the violation of my space and losing the contents of my laptop (I was lazy about making regular backups then).

I'm so sorry, Colleen -- that just totally sucks. Glad that you are okay. And I LOVE the disco pantry -- you aren't kidding, most of use don't even have a pantry, never mind a disco pantry.

Aww...colleen. I am so sorry this happened to you! PC and I were asleep one night and I heard a rattling--- someone was trying to come in our window! The next day, they had pulled all the screens off our windows and tried to enter, but our landlady scared them off. Dan later realized: you could see my jewelry box on the dresser in our bedroom from the front door. Scary stuff. So sorry to hear this happened to you--- and stealing your knitting bag, well... that's just mean!
:) Kate

I am so sorry this happened but so glad you were not home at the time. There is a bit of software that can send a signal when the laptop is hooked into the internet to signal its whereabouts. Also one can crash the data to make the hard drive unuseable. Small revenge on the theif.

That really is the pitts! So agrevating and scary, too.

Crapper! I am so sorry. I can't believe someone has the audacity to do such a thing in plain sight. That person was truly desperate. But "karma" is a son of a gun.

If you purchased your laptop with a credit card, I suggest you talk to them and see if you have insurance covered and can send them a police report. You may have an opportunity to replace it without an additional huge cost. Good luck.

glad you're safe and only things are missing, but man! that sucks. :(

love the disco pantry

I'm so glad you and the yarn are okay. Bastards!

Disco pantry?

aaarrrrgggghhh!!! and you just got the thing too!! i'm so mad for you :( that totally bites. thank god for insurance though, right? you pay all of that money for it, so you might as well get as much out of it as you can!

Oh, Colleen, that really sucks. So sorry.

When my hubby and I first started living together, I warned him that December was not only the holiday season but also the robbery season, and he didn't believe me until his car got broken into. But then he STILL didn't believe me, and they hit his car again the next year. Now he believes me.

Those effin' bastards. Thank goodness you are safe and sound. It could have been so much worse.

Love that Disco Pantry. What an awesome way to start your meal selection. "Staying alive, staying alive..."

That's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear about the robbery. I know what a pain it is dealing with insurance, fixing windows, etc. I hope you get a new laptop going soon.

Oh, wow, what a crappy thing to have happen. I, too, am glad that no one was hurt, but wow. That's just awful.

JERKS! sorry.

That's just awful. So sorry to hear about it, but glad that you are okay. It sucks that things were taken and that the sanctity of your home was disturbed, but those things can be replaced.

Ugh! What a huge, invasive PITA! But I'm glad no one was hurt.
Hang in there!

Dude. That sucks. Glad to hear it wasn't anything more serious.

What a horrible thing to happen. I came home once to my house being broken into. The feeling is horrible. You feel so violated. Have to give you lots of credit for your sense of humor.

So sorry to hear that! I've been burglarized (a couple of times - bastards!) and robbed (very scary) - glad you weren't home!

the fuckers fuckers fuckers fuckers. you're being very grown-up and sensible but those scum bags that broke into your home to steal what you worked hard to get, that just pisses me off. i had my JP apartment broken into years ago and i was furious even though i personally lucked out. my roommates weren't so lucky.

i'm really sorry.

I'm so sorry that happened to you! I'm glad you're ok and I hope everything else works out.

That bites sooo bad. I am glad everything will be replaced. You are right - you cannot protect from everything - but jeez - you should be able to HAVE things. BTW I LOVE the disco pantry!

Sorry for the loss of the computer & general well-being. Ugh, you just hope for karma to bite the guy on the bum for that one.

But, you have a good perspecitive on stuff=life, but the irony of the timing with the "season of giving" is rather, well... :-(

oh crap, what a pain. i'm very glad to hear it was just property, and no one was hurt.

but it does suck.

How completely sucky. And scary.
I'm glad your okay. But look at the bright side. You get to have the thrill of getting a new computer all over again. :)

Major suckage! Go buy a punching bag! That's what I would do. It's hard to recover but remember that everything is, more or less, replaceable. I hope it doesn't ever happen again!


I'm sorry about the damage and 'puter loss. I know the feeling of being angry, a little scared, and really over having to deal with the police and the insurance company.

Big hugs.

Ouch. That's a road I don't want to go down again - I definitely feel your pain.

And all I can think of when I look at your disco space is "Stayin' Alive...."

I am so, so sorry!!! Was it insured? I wish I had a spare one so I could give it to you. Don't give up, girl, not everyone is bad in this world.

So sorry to hear about the break in and robbery. I am glad you were not home, but having things stolen sucks. I hope you have no troubles with your insurance company and can replace and fix things quickly.

The disco pantry is pretty cool. Ours has 1970's ugly floor tile in a hideous greeny-gold color. Your pantry is so much cooler.

You are admirably calm and logical about it. Insanely logical, actually. But maybe we missed the freak-out, and you had time to calm down before posting.

All the same, I do admire your perseverance.

I'm so sorry to read this post! There is always such a sense of violation when something like this happens. But I am glad that you're okay. (And I'm glad there wasn't any knitting in that bag! That would have added insult to injury.)

I hope everything gets fixed and replaced quickly.

That really sucks.

I'm so sorry! It truly sucks to be ripped off, and I don't know whether I'd throw up or faint or start casting murderous glances at all my neighbors if someone stole my laptop.

Here's sympathies & hugs from one of your readers in Tennessee!

I know it doesn't help, but you might check out TigerDirect's website; I've had great luck with all computer purchases there. Wal-Mart also had a good sale on a cheapie desktop; may still have it.

Best --

Sorry to hear of what happened to your home and that they got away with your new laptop---GLAD you were not at home. I often think I am missing out on sooo much by living in rural Wyoming, but the low crime rate is certainly a big plus for living here--one of the BIG negatives is that my LYS is a 3 hour drive from my town.
I would be willing to bet that there are no disco pantries in my town either, my own pantry looks very dark and boring compared to yours.

Total sympathy. I've had breakins (not where I live now) several times and it sucks severely, both emotionally and physically. Glad you are okay, sorry you lost your new laptop, and hope everything goes back to feeling safe again.

Sorry does not half way cover the angry, pissed, bitchy feelings that arise from a break-in. So here is my break-in tale.
At the lovely age of 11 I was living on a float house in a remote logging camp in SE Alaska. Highlights of our week were fallowing the dump truck up the road to see the bears eat, and scavenge items of interest from the garbage piles. Nope never a thought that we (a group of 4 to 7 kids) were ever in a bit of danger, immortal. Then we had a movie over at the mess hall every other Saturday. Well along comes the month of July when the salmon head up stream, bears love salmon by the way, LOL. We would also get some very low tides at that time and the float house would end up on some very awkward angles on the beach. At times fish were stranded under the float. This made for some awful smells for us humans, but apparently the bears just love that smell. So one morning about 3AM we were woken by the front door crashing in and a heck of a ruckus going on in the kitchen/living area. Mom and Dad went to find out just what the ---- was going on, only to come running back slamming doors and yelling for us to stay in our rooms. We were surrounded, 12 black bears had decided that we were open for breakfast. Lucky only two made it into the house. They were more than enough to make one hell of a mess, and a really bad smell. We were so glad that they never tried for the bedrooms, so all of us were fine. The next day we replaced the door and made it hard for the bears to get across the porch. After that they still circled the house at low tide and banged on the siding way to early in the mornings, LOL. But never again did they get into the house.
So that is my wish for you. Once is enough and never again will they get into your home.
May the holidays tickle your spirits

I am sorry to hear about your burglary-glad you weren't home at the time. I hope the new year is kinder to you!

Just imagine I'm doing a silly dance to cheer you up. Right now. In my chair. It's salsa-based, so it's a nice Latin silly dance.

Given what the terms of my PA renter's insurance was, I'm assuming your laptop was covered. If it wasn't, please let me know and maybe we can work something out, since I should buy a new laptop soon anyway, leaving an old laptop...

I just had one of those intuitive feelings that something wasn't right with you. I thought perhaps it was just bad weather problems. So sorry to hear about the breakin. You're a brave girl. I'd be buying that Doberman yesterday! I'm a great believer in watch dogs. My dog, Teddy, looks just like a miniature Lab, he's abt. 27 lbs., has a wild and ferocious bark that scares everyone. (He secretly loves people, but no one knows it. When someone comes over, I just put him in his kennel and let him go crazy!)I live in a small town where we don't lock our cars at night and, up until a few years ago, didn't lock our doors, either. After things calm down for you, I hope you'll consider some extra security measures, dog, alarm or Sig Sauer.

Sorry to hear of your loss of things but the greatest loss is the feeling of security. Hope the security returns quickly. So glad you are well and safe now.

I've lived through it and it's not fun! Glad to hear you're okay and all yarn is safe!

It's disgusting the way so many people have the belief that everyone else is better off than they are .. and that THEY need things more .. THIS must be their notion of working for things!

Love the disco pantry! Laptops come and go but at least you are safe and sound.

oh colleen- that sucks so so bad. i think you should move to new york where the crime rate is way way down!!

SO. SORRY. That really sucks.

I am so so sorry. Being robbed is such a bad feeling. Very creepy. But it has taught me one thing - always put your toys away out of sight when you aren't home. What else can you do? pooh.

What a bugger! That really sucks! But at least nobody was hurt (apart from hurt feelings, of course) - over here in Germany, one hears about lots of incidents in the US that went horribly wrong.

Hopefully laptop tech stuff will have developed further within those six weeks, so the new one will be even better!

That sucks. I hope you are doing okay.

Ugh. I can't believe it. I hope you are not too broken hearted!

That sucks scissors and bad-tempered badgers and pissed-off porcupines. I'm so sorry. Please don't let this violation wreck your Christmas spirit. If that happens, the bad guys win, and I won't have it! Can one still get Space Food Sticks, Fruit Float and Tab with saccharine to put in one's disco pantry?

I totally agree with the one who called these intruders f--kers,,, they should all have their balls dried up & lose the feelings in their hands . I am sorry that this happened at this time of the year ,but grateful you are ok .. As you said you are alive to tell about it & it was material things ,but they were your fun things & that is what makes this so hard to digest ... May God Bless you & bring you Peace for the rest of this Holiday Season ... Joan

Oh, that sucks big time. So sorry. I was enjoying watchng tht scarf grow.

Bastards! I am so sorry to hear this. I have to say I hope this doesn't stop you from blogging and having a good time with it. Bastards plain and simple.

I am deeply sorry you had to go through this. That is also my greatest scare... especially since I have pets in the house too. The scarf is wonderful. I kept track of your progresses every time you posted a pic. Take care.
Hugs from Italy

I am so sorry about your theft! Hugs,

Gotta love living in the city sometimes. Um, or not.

That really sucks about your computer, but I am super jealous about your disco pantry. You should feather your hair and have dance party USA in there before it's fixed. Opportunities like this don't come often. ;)

How terrible! Someone "slashed" our inflatable Christmas yard decoration last night. RIP - Tigger - JERKS!

Oh how frightening! I'm glad you're alright, but what a crappy thing to have to deal with!

I am so glad you and everyone in your house are alright. Things can always be replaced. It's really horrible but I believe what goes around, comes around so even if you don't know it that person has some bad karma coming their way.

Gosh, that truly sucks. Karma is a bitch and will come back to bite this robber/s, trust me. You will also get something even sweeter from the universe, mark my words. Best, Maria

That totally sucks!!! So sorry - glad it will all be replaced though.

Love the disco pantry anyway.
Late to the hand-wringin but sympathetic nonetheless. Damn, I hate it when that happens. Did they just reach in over the windowsill and take it? Or did they actually come in? Creepy.

I'm late to the party, but so glad your safe. I'm glad you're insured and angry that this happened to you.

What an absolute bummer! Luckily everything can be replaced and no one was hurt. My neighborhood has had a rash of burgleries and I've taken to locking my laptop to my desk -- sad, but true.

That sucks total ass.


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