The Last Days of Disco

The Disco Pantry is no more. While Owens Corning insulation makes a pretty cool, if slightly unorthodox, glazing material (and who knew that the Pink Panther is a fellow blogger?), I'm very happy to have my plain old glass window back again.


Now, once something else arrives chez Subway Knitter, things will be back to normal. And, if you're the asshole who broke into my apartment, that something else is a giant dog with big, sharp teeth.


Oh! I liked the disco pantry, though I can imagine that it would wear on the psyche. I do hope the bastard who broke into your apartment feels karmic justice soon.

yep, karma. it will get that guy in the end, i'm sure. gald to see the disco pantry is no more and that you are on the way back to normality at home. maybe you could get a sign that says "beware of big, nasty dog" to put in your window :)

So much for the disco kitchen. Nice to see at least the house is back to it's old self. Hope you're starting to feel better too. What a terrible thing to happen.

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