The Booties Win!

I couldn't resist casting on for a pair of the T Strap booties in Zoƫ Miller's book.


They are so unbelievably cute. I wonder if I can create a pair in an adult size. This decision doesn't mean that the sweater has been put on hold indefinitely. It just means that I won't start it until I have at least one of the booties in the bag.

I'm using Lucy's fine merino-tencel sock yarn. If you've been here before, you know that I'm a big fan of this yarn. You might be too. Buy some here.

I got the pattern's stitch gauge with this yarn, but I'm adjusting for row gauge. Or, more accurately, I'm half adjusting and half fudging. I hate adjusting for a row gauge that's just slightly different than the pattern on a design this small. It results in a lot of semi-adjustments. I'm never sure until I'm done if I did a good job.


Very cute! Have a very Happy New Year!!

Cool beans!
And thank you for mentioning the stitch gauge vs row gauge. When I was learning (and past the scarf stage) I worried over the fact that my gauge was sometimes right for stitch and wrong for row. Reference books always say to check gauge, of course, but few even mention that you could be off on one and not the other. One snooty source even hinted that if that happened, the stitch must be made improperly. I eventually figured it out and make adjustments in my pattern much as you are doing. I'm sure your booties will be wonderful. And if they aren't, at least it's not much to frog and knitting goes much faster the second time around.

The booties are great! And those colors in the yarn look wonderful too. Yum. I always have row gauge trouble. I think that's why I love to look at a pattern and then fudge to my heart's content. ^_^ Good luck.

The booties are super cute and would look really nice "bigged" up.

Love the sweater too. That looks like a pattern I could get some needles out for.

Hope you have a fabulous New Year.

Adorable. Booties that strap on mean they won't fall off and get lost like most others!

Aww! Cute little booties. I totally agree with you when it comes to row gauge. I think stitch gauge is so much more valuable.

Coolest. Doubleknitski. Ever. I love it!


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