That's a Wrap!

Or, not quite. Here are Kate's thumbless mitts hanging around my dining room just before wrapping:


While we're on the subject of wrapping, The Bookish Girl, Wendy, supplied me with a few additional gift-wrapping links in response to Thursday's post. I thought that I would share.

First, we have Pearl River. Do a search for "take-out containers". I really need to go to this store when I'm in New York; there's lots of cute stuff. And the take-out lamps on the home page? Très cool. A red one would look great in my kitchen.

Then, there's Paper Mart. The name says it all. Lots of packing supplies for you to buy.

Be sure to look at Oriental Trading Company. Cheap things that are produced in East Asian countries. Globalization doesn't get much better than this!

Finally, American Science & Surplus. This is like an Ocean State Job Lot on the web.

Back to the knitting. Here are the details:

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, colorway unknown, yardage unknown (I used leftovers from a sock project).

Needles: US2s, DPNs

Pattern: None. Just knit a mitten without the thumb section, and you have the general concept.

Time to knit: Almost none. These were a very quick project.


Thank you! Adorable! I am sure they will be treasured...and keep some little hands warm.

I have emerged from hell and am coming back to Boston today for 2 weeks! I'll be at Black Sheep & hope to make it to Knitsmiths at some point! Heck, I may even start blogging again!!

thanks for all the links! pearl river is indeed a treasure chest of goodies here in NYC. you definitely have to go when next you're in town.

happy holidays!

Pearl River is great, but if you want to splurge, check out Kate's Paperie. Gorgeous wrapping papers!

Pearl River is a very cool place. The housewares alone are worth the trip, and if by some chance you don't find what you want there are many, many more shops in the area. In fact, if I recall correctly, that is where we bought my friend's prom dress! (she's very petite, so those close-fitting long dresses they sell look wonderful on her).
I can also recommend this site:
We got some of our wedding favours there, and they were both cheap and lovely.

So cute. Must make some for my little patootie. Of course they'll work with her snowsuit; that's the beauty of Koigu!

Very cute and thanks for sharing the sites!

Can you believe there's no Ocean State Joblot in California? It ALMOST even makes me miss their ads! Merry Christmas!


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