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Oh, the things I do for this blog. Right now my parents are wondering just what the heck I'm doing by lying on my back with my feet waving in the air.

"Well, Carol, maybe it's that yoga."

"I don't know, Frank. It's obviously a cry for help. I think she's depressed."

"Doesn't yoga help with that?"

How could I be depressed with handknit socks on my feet? The feeling of handknit socks on one's feet can be surpassed by few other things. Yoga might be one of them, but not having done a lot of yoga in my life, I can't be sure.

These hung around for a month (or so) waiting to be kitchenered. My kitchener lines suck. I mean really suck. Really, truly suck. But, you know what? These are going to be on the bottoms of my feet. Who's going to see them? And, if you're one of the select few who will, I trust that you'll say nothing.

Gray Socks, the details:

Yarn: Lucy's oh-so-fabulous handdyed merino-Tencel sock yarn. Mmm, this yarn is so yummy. Thank goodness I have a couple more skeins in the Subway Stash. You might be wise to direct some of that Christmas cash Lucy's way.

Pattern: Hmm. Hard to say. I measured my feet, calculated my gauge, and cast on. There's a K2, P2 rib, a short-row heel, and a short-row toe. That's it.

Needles: US2s DPNs

What I would do differently next time: Knit faster!!! These socks should have been on my feet weeks before this.


mmm, they look comfy!

Excellent :)

Of course, it begs the question, how high up DO they go?

(I remember you made the cuff a reasonably long length...)

They look great! Merry Christmas!

What a great idea! I'm looking for some hand-knit socks of my own to pamper my feet with for Christmas! Why do they always float to the bottom of my drawer!

Don't your parents understand about handknits? My mom taught me to knit so she understood. And she did yoga back in the 70s. But she would probably shake her head and say, "I gave you a brother and four sisters. Why are you taking the picture yourself?"

I've never knitted socks before, can you recommend an easy pattern, either in a book or online? By the way they look really comfy.

My parents would do that too! They'd read a poem or a paper I wrote, look at each other, and ask if I needed therapy.

Happy Holidays!


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