On The Fringe

So, what, you think that I was just sitting around waiting for my window repairman? Not a chance! Not when Wavy Cables needed some fringe:


I debated about the fringe. I mean, the scarf pattern is busy enough, but when I considered everything, I thought that some tassles would be the perfect finishing touch. I'll trim them evenly after I block.

See, I told you that this laptop-free lifestyle would save you from numerous posts about the last bits of Wavy Cables knitting. You even missed out on the Wavy Cables finishing (imagine: knit two rows of seed stitch, bind off, weave in a few ends, and attach some tassles). If my predictions are correct, however, you won't miss a bit of Wavy Cables Blocking--stay tuned!


i like the tassels at the ends like that.

I'm a big fan of the tassels. Plain ends just couldn't match the panache of those wavy cables.

cute tassels! I like how it works with the cables. :)

The tassels finish it off beautifully.

This remind me of my "long abandoned" wavy scarf ...

Love this picture....can't wait to see the wavy cables blocking !

oooh, i hope that means that your new laptop is on its way to you!

love the tassles, especially those big knots where you attached them.

Another vote for the tassels - especially with the big knots

You can never be "too" busy.
( A belated sigh re the break-in, that really sucks)
And an early Happy Holidays to you.

Work those tassels girl! Very cute.

I also like the tassels, hope you get your new laptop soon.

Ooh, I like them tassels too; especially the spacing and the placements you chose!

Give credit where it was due, please!

"cute tassels! I like how it works with the cables. :)"

It didn't WORK with the cables .. it WAS worked with the cables .. beautifully!

Love the tassels - way classier than fringe, and they complement the cables rather than distracting. Love it.

Love the scarf; it makes me want to learn to cable.

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