Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week!

A big thank you to everyone for your sympathy yesterday.

Sometimes I look up from my own knitting long enough to notice that I'm not alone:


With the deadlines of holidays approaching, I'm surprised that I don't see more knitters these days.


I spotted a random mystery knitter on the red line last night. Would have been me too, if I'd not had a friend with me.

I wish I could knit while I drive to work in the burbs, but I might ruin some mighty fine wool in a car wreck.

When is national Subway Knitting Day? Judy and I run into each other all the time on the T. One day we were joined by a third knitter. Our fellow commuters probably didn't know what to make of three knitters happily knitting and chatting away that early in the morning.

tuesday morning on the commuter rail while i was finishing up my jaywalker, i chatted with a knitter who had just learned how to knit socks, although she didn't have them with her at the time. i wonder if she's a blogger because she talked about having to go on a yarn diet.

I guess we're all hunkered down knitting like mad. I actually finagled DD to have a sick day so *I* could stay home and knit!

LOL. ;)

I walk to work, but I've still been knitting on my commute. I am the only walking knitter I've ran into (and, from the gawking, the only one many other folks have run into as well).

When I used to work I used to take my knitting with me .. socks, baby blankets, boys' sweaters .. people on the L Streetcar looked at me as though I were nuts! But that was several decades ago .. now, it seems, it's regarded as being much more "normal" ..

I am sorry about the lost. Hope the company that you bought from had GSP tracking system so the culprit -Will be found. Hope also your knitting bag contained the scret knitters ITCH solution, and the culprit ITCHES all over for the rest of HIS or HER life. So, sorry about the lost computer. Been there!!

A few months back, I saw a knitter on Bleecker Street, walking towards me. When I reported to my five year old niece that I had seen someone knitting a scarf while she walked down the street, she said "What color?"

ugh, sorry to hear about your computer/window/home, colleen! what a blow. i think you should get a "beware of big, angry, mean-ass dog" sign or one of those cardboard john wayne cutouts for said window - or, better yet, an actual mean-ass dog and/or john wayne - for protection. my condolences on yet another laptop lost. ~gabriella

I am so sorry about the break-in. That really sucks. I'd send you my mutt, but he's pretty useless in the protection department. Glad he/she didn't mess with the yarn.

Love the disco kitchen!

I was knitting in line at the post office the other day. Nothing like deadlines . . .

Oh man, that sucks out loud. I'm glad it was just property that they took and you're ok tho. Pox on that evil neer-do-well.


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