The Wavy Cables Scarf grows, and grows, and grows:


We're a touch over five feet in this photo. I think that it needs to go to six. I tried it on, and did some of those crazy scarf maneuvers that women do. I folded it in half and looped it through itself: too short. I wraped the scarf once around my neck, then tied it in a knot: not quite long enough.

One thing I do know: I have more yarn than I thought. This discovery might allow for a matching hat.


well - general rule of thumb is scarf length = height - but generally also the wider a scarf the longer you need.

Did you try the start backwards and wrap all the way around your neck? That takes an amount of yarn different from the other two.

I, as an aside, usually opt for the loop-through if I'm wearing it under a sweater or coat and the above technique if not.

Six feet of scarf sounds like so much, but when you start doing fancy wrappings, etc. you really need the length. Knit on!

I'm about 5'5", and I find that a scarf has to be at least 6' in order to look right when I wrap it around my neck; it's too short otherwise. At least you have plenty of yarn! Good luck with the rest of the knitting!

I need some "how to" instructions on scarf tying - we'll be watching for the video. Have a nice weekend!

I decided that I needed a scarf to show off my cableing skills and, now three balls into it, I'm still not sure if It'll be long enough. I may have to go for 4. This will be the most involved scarf I never want to knit again!

Scarves have been making me tired lately. They are so darn long!
I made a short scarf recently (The Jabot Scarf) and now I like scarves again, well, short ones at least.

Six foot scarves are the best. I made one for the boy and it kept him warm through a Spring Break trip to England, where it is cold and rainy. I love long scarves.

think that's big? try making a one-piece full size (king-size) afghan!

think that's big? try making a one-piece full size (king-size) afghan!

Really love that scarf.

I think that last Saturday I saw someone working on this scarf, which was wonderful, as it means someone I almost know is part of the online knitting community, too. And that's something.


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