It's All Done

Not quite in time for Christmas, but squeaking in just before New Year's, I present my finished Wavy Cables Scarf.


I love this. I feel like running all over the city while showing it to everyone who will look. Fear of arrest and good sense will prevent this from happening. I don't think it's too long (time will tell, and I'm prepared to shorten it if needed), and the wool is very warm and soft.

The Details:

Pattern: My own! Wavy Cables Scarf.

Yarn: I used some merino handspun (not my own). Valley Yarn's (WEBS's house brand) Amherst would be a wonderful substitute. I used about five skeins for this very looooong scarf.

Needles: US8s, and a cable needle (optional).

What would I do differently next time? I might cast on for a couple of extra repeats. The scarf could be a touch wider.


hooray! it looks great!

my boss brought me back two 100g hanks of merino from Australia... I'm wondering how it would work with this pattern! ;)

It looks fabulous!

beautiful! i love the color on you too.

it's just beautiful!!! What a great looking scarf!

Great job!! I love the color. Very versatile. I am proud of you!

looks great! i'm sure that eventually it'll get cold and you'll enjoy having all of that scarf to wrap around you :)

Looks fabulous - you should show everyone!

Truly fab! And generous of you to share the pattern!

Lovely. I'm looking forward to spotting it on the T.

That's beautiful!! And what a great choice of colors for that pattern. It looks incredibly rich.

It looks the perfect length, and I like the color. Yea for finished scarves!

Looks like the PREFECT length! And I saw some snowflakes today--maybe we will have winter after all!

It looks great! I saw your post with the pattern a few weeks ago and I cast on for one of my own. So far, I love it. It's an easy knit and I love the wavy cables.

Gorgeous!!! What a wonderful warm color.

Yeah!!! The color is fab on you!!!! I wouldn't care about being arrested I would go brag!!!!

Mmmmm, yum. That's a luscious scarf and a fabulous color to boot!

It turned out so well and the colour is you, dahlink!
Wrap it around your forehead once or twice, then your neck once and run around showing it to all and sundry in a loud squeaky voice. Do a war cry once or twice just for kicks.

Gorgeous! I am sooo loving red these days.

It looks great! I love the length.

I've been knitting my own version of this scarf, using Amherst as recommended, and it's wonderful. Lovely look, and easy to memorize. Thank you so much for sharing this with your loyal readers!

Beautiful! Nice length, too.

That scarf is absolutely stunning! The color looks beautiful on you!


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