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Just in time for Christmas, I discovered this clever packaging via a colleague. This particular parcel was filled with lemon-anise biscotti (yum!), it would also be perfect for a pair of handknit socks.


It's available at Papersource. Of course, I had to browse the giftwrap section of the website and discovered more cool things. This might revolutionize how future knitted gifts are packaged.


There's an exellent template for a make-your-own version here:

The take out box version is a little fiddly but the pillow box aka puffy box is pretty straightforward.

Michaels and AC Moore usually sell the take out boxes as well!

I was going to mention the Michael's take-out boxes as well. They have slightly less cute colors/patterns, but they cost $1 as opposed to $6.50!

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

That's really cute. :)

Papersource is dangerous - so many beautiful things, such a small budget ;)

The Container Store also has a crap load of cute packaging options. They're a bit less expensive than Papersource but not as cheap as the big box craft stores. There are a few online sources for this kind of thing that are ALOT cheaper than both those options. If you're interested I can dig up my links.

paper source is awesome. just for inspiration alone.


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