Dear Aunt Colleen,

My hands are cold.



Your niece Kate

Dear Kate,

How can that be? You're living in the South. Even up here in New England, the use of gloves or mittens is still questionable on some days. But I see your point. It won't be like this forever, and someday winter will arrive. And, being the active girl that I know you are, you'll want to go out. I think that these might be perfect for those days:



Aunt Colleen

Alternatively, this post could be titled "Baby's First Koigu." I found some leftover Koigu KPPPM and realized it would be perfect for a pair of thumbless mitts for Kate's little hands. I got up-to-date measurements via my sister, and cast on. There's no pattern. One mitt worked up with a minimum amount of subway knitting combined with a few moments of Knitsmiths' time. I expect that the other will be just as speedy.


haha how cute is she.

she's adorable - as are the mittens. Love wavy cables, it looks great. Will see you in 2007, have a great holiday!


She is so cute! She is so lucky to have a sweet aunt like you.

What a cutie! Thumbless mittens are a great idea. (Especially since it's harder to take them off when your thumbs are trapped inside.)

Happy holidays to you!

Super cute! There's babies all over the place in my life - never even thought of breaking out the Koigu for some mitts for the munchkins. What a great idea - and FAST. :)

So cute! :) the little mitts are going to be fantastic. Plus, Koigu? yum! Lucky Kate. :)

Wonderful post, Colleen. So very sweet.

Joyeux Noël!

so cute! lisa made these recently and she connected the two with icord so that they don't get lost (or get lost together as the case may be). you know kids.. always throwing stuff on the floor :)

So adorable!
And I second the i-cord idea.

What a sweetie! So cute!

Hmmm, looks like she wants to be your Knitting Elf, she's practicing winding yarn into little balls for you. I'm sure of it.

Aww, she is so sweet! Those little hands need some of that Koigu stat!

So. Sweet. Of course she wants handknit mitts from auntie Colleen! I keep thinking about knitting mitts for Amelie but I think I'll wait until she's out of the drooly-hands-in-the-mouth-at-all-times phase. :)

Aww she's so cute! Thumbless mitts - that sounds good for grown up too!

Adorable! I miss neices that young, mine are 8&11. Thumbless mittens are brilliant!

Charming all around!

Your neice is adorable.

I've found that "wrist-warmers" are effective... and fast ..


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