Bootie Progress

I don't know how anyone designs a bootie pattern.


What the heck is going on here? The "upper" is knit flat to one side of the sole. Good thing that this is a quick project, because I am so curious to see what a fininshed, but unseamed bootie looks like.

Just a reminder: I'm knitting the T-Strap Shoe from Zoƫ Miller's book.


I made a pair of these a while ago. Never again! The pattern works fine -- it's a weird shape, but it seams up to a bootie, with some easing-in of the seams -- but there are way too many ends for such a small item. I prefer the Stay-on Baby Booties, from "Knitting for Baby" by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas. They are not as high on the cute factor, but they have less ends, a more sensible construction, and allegedly stay on better!

Are you knitting these in an adult size? If so can you reprint the alterations?

hhmmm, i'm kind of the opinion that we should just make teeny little socks for babies :) some of the bootie patterns are just strange.

Oh I've done a few of these! Do you want to see pictures? It made a world of difference for me to see a finished one all out before it was seamed up.

Bootie construction remains a mystery to me. I've made lots but wow - I'm always amazed when they seam up and look like real booties!

It does look weird, but the colours are great.

The dainty baby booties from Erika Knight's Knitting For Two looked soooo bizarre right before seaming up. I thought I'd really screwed things up. And there was no schematic to compare with! But they turned out so cute in the end. It's a practice in faith, I guess!

They'll look great finished....I've made a few from this book and they're very cute. They may not stay on well, but they're adorable anyway and great for gifts.

The lace socks in that book are nice, too - they knit up really quickly, and they're very pretty. I have no idea how anybody looks the shape and says 'ah, yes...a bootie!'

They're looking really fine as they are. I love the way Lucy's yarn knits up.

I'm guessing bootie designers have a background in shoe making - "uppers" is an actual term I recall from my days in a shoe factory. Just never could figure out why anyone would want to do all that seaming if they owned a set of DPN's?! I'm guessing their seaming abilities are way better than mine!

I can't wait to see how this bootie gets pieced together. I've only made ones in the round, so I'm intrigued!

Beautiful, bootiful, yarn! I have read bootie patterns and found them confusing! I have yet to attempt to make a pair. I guess if you take "baby steps" it comes together. Maybe I will be brave with your reports and try to make some!

oh, stick with it...they look great. I second the stay-on bootie pattern, but adapted it to look like bunnies and tigers, it is a good basic pattern. Can't wait to see how this t-strap pattern turns out.


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