A Very Knitty Christmas

Merry Christmas--if you're into that sort of thing.

In celebration of the holiday, I thought I would do a survey of ornaments on the family Christmas tree. How many are knitting related?

For a group that consists mostly of non-knitters, I was impressed at the number of ornaments that were knitted, or had something to do with knitting.

First: we have your knitted mitten. This has been on the tree since forever. I don't know where it came from. KG perhaps?


I do love the metallic leaf on the cuff. It's a nice touch.

Then there's a knitted Santa:


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here's a wee Subway Knitter:


Wearing an outfit sewn by none other than KG.

We have a cat with yarn:


Must be new. It's the first year that I have seen this one.

And finally we have this:


Cut us some slack, people. We're New Englanders.

Enjoy the day!


Merry Christmas!
Thanks for the ornament preview. I love the photo of young SK in the measuring cup -- delightful!

hahaha, love the dunkin donuts ornament!!

merry christmas!! xo

Hope that's a DD gift card! Merry Christmas!

Great ornaments :) My godmother is from CT and she has Starbucks ornaments on her tree. :p

Have a lovely Christmas!

I've got two little knitted sweater ornaments (one simple and hand-knit, the other elaborate), a knitted cupcake, bought last year from Anthropologie because it was cute and on sale, and . . . that's all I can think of at the moment! Merry Christmas!

I love that DD ornament -- no one loves Dunkin as much as us New Englanders!

You can't help but have something from Dunkin Donuts around .... it's everywhere in New England.

Sweet ornaments! They all tell a story.

haha i love the dd ornament too.

merry christmas!

I'm crocheting at the moment .. a huge .. non-transportable .. afghan using my big-box of left-over yarns .. quilted, it would be log-cabin pattern .. which I suppose it is even though crocheted .. by now its about 54 in by 54 in .. a square, of course .. definitely non-transportable ..

All my tiny sweater ornaments look too stiff with their little arms sticking straight out to the sides, but I think I might be able to tack them down a bit. Merry Christmas everyone!

The kitty with yarn is my favourite, but the Dunkin Donuts is pretty close to the Tim Horton's mug and cup and saucer we got my parents this year.

Maybe you should try the mini sweater pattern on redsweaters.org website to add to your collection of knitting ornaments.

I would love the pattern for the Santa ornament. Anyone in a sharing mood? Thanks! L

I would love the pattern for the Santa ornament. Anyone in a sharing mood? Thanks! L

Aw! D squared. There are NO Dunkin Donuts out here. I always have some when I'm on the east coast.

Ha! No slack needs to be cut. I hate those things they like to call donuts by that Krispy Kreme company. Blech! Give me Dunkin' Donuts any day. :)


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