Dark skies and straightforward knitting do not a good blog entry make.

Or something like that.

Yesterday was one of those gray, overcast mornings that make me want to curl up in bed for a few more hours. Because it was Tuesday, I didn't have the option of doing that. I also didn't have the option of blogging. Or, I did, but unless you wanted to see a picture of a blurry red blob, I think that I was better off skipping my post.

In spite of the weather, subway knitting has been going very well. Extremely well. I have nothing more to report about Wavy Cables, except to say that I have about eight more inches before I bind off. Oh wait! I mistwisted some cables yesterday. But all that I had to do was tink back two rows, retwist them and keep on knitting. No surgery was required. Yawn!


Tinking is sort of like a minor surgery though.

The scarf actually looks different (even better) when it's that long--I love the Wavy Cables!

Those cables look really handsome! Nice progress!

it's growing exponentially! i bet that you'll be happy to move onto something else though when it's all said and done.

Oh, this looks absolutely amazing! The cables rock big time, and I also love the color you're using! Great progress!

Trade ya - you can come and sit at work for me out here in the 'burbs, and I'll go home and finish your scarf! See? Isn't a rainy day with knitting more exciting, LOL? I have to drive out here, so I don't get any quality T knitting time for my commute. :(
The scarf is looking gorgeous!

Looks fantastic! I bought some red sportweight Misti Alpaca to make a scarf because I was so smitten with your red scarf (and because I couldn't put the alpaca down once I picked it up). I don't know about the reversible cables though. I am from Wisconsin living in northern California, I think the cables might make the scarf too warm for me here. It looks like it has lots of insulating power. I need to move to a colder climate!

The scarf is beautiful. I would love to have the pattern. I make my Christmas and start the day after Christmas for the next year.


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