Yarn Doesn't Grow on Chairs

Or does it?


Imagine my surprise when I discovered two skeins of Socka lying on my desk chair. They weren't there when I left the previous night. Had the yarn fairies been at work? Yes, in a way. Turns out that a knitter in another office inherited a stash from a relative. Knowing that I knit, she decided to share.

So, I now have two skeins of colorway 9140. Aren't they pretty? Those Germans sure know how to make sock yarns.

Thanks Stacey!


wow! i want a yarn fairy at work too!

I want a yarn fairy too!

Such a lucky girl! Lovely yarn. :0)

What a wonderful surprise.

same here. i want a yarn fairy.

What a sweet co-worker!

What a nice surprise. I think we all need a fairy once in awhile.

aw man i want a sock fairy too!

Ooh! A yarn fairy! How sweet!

Inherited stash that isn't LionHeart - who knew?

What pretty yarn!

Cool! That's so sweet! You should return the favor sometime with a knitted pair of socks! That would be funny.

I do have such an affection for German sock yarns . . .

What a great surprise! Socka is a nice sock yarn too. It's too bad they stopped making it. Enjoy the vintage sock yarn!

How generous of your friend. Over here in Malaysia, we dont knit socks. Too hot for our weather. What else can it be used for?

Frei Strickgarn? Wunderbar!

Man, my deutch is rusty. i have no clue if that's grammatically correct. Oh, well. . .

What a nice gift! I can't wait to see what you knit with it!

Hey, how sweet of your co-worker!
And its always nice to know we Germans are appreciated for more than just our efficiency ;o)

Have fun!


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