Thirty One Inches

That's the length of my Wavy Cables Scarf as of this morning.


It goes on, and on, and I'm only two skeins in! I should have more than enough for the scarf, with perhaps some left over for a simple hat.


Looks really nice. I'm so impressed with your frogging and redoing the cables and all that.

Great distance photo!

Wow - you've really been through a lot with this scarf already - it is looking good now though!

I love the wavy cables - it's an awesome pattern! T

I just finished a neat cabled hat for a friend. She bought some KoolAid-dyed Alpaca. I used the free pattern on Knitting Pattern Central: Winter Femme Cable Hat (d-made). Nice pattern written for different gauged yarns. You could alter the cables to go with your lovely scarf!


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