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The Birdwatcher's Beret needed a little ribbing on the bottom. The garter stitch looked nice, but the band it created wasn't elastic enough to hold itself snugly on my head. Now that I think about it, the store sample I tried on might have had ribbing at the band. That would explain why it fit me so well.


Ah, that's better. Four rows of ribbing, instead of three rows of garter makes a huge difference. This might just be the perfect beret pattern for my head.

I'm so excited to finish this hat! Must go knit....


Ribbing would make for a better fit, wouldn't it?

yes, definitely MUCH better :)

Yay, for you! Looks great! :0)

love it! :) good call with the ribbing.

I would love to make a pair of socks but I'm intimidated by them. Does anyone know of a simple pattern I could learn on?

I once saw a pattern for a beret with a series of little cables instead of the standard ribbing band. I remember thinking that it would be adorable with the body of the hat in off-white and the cables in another color, maybe to coordinate with a coat. I think there might have been mittens too, with cables instead of ribbing on the wrist.

i love the Ann Norling sock pattern
very basic
with stitch counts after every step
great for first time sock

Thanks for the sock tip. I'm going to look right now on line for a pattern! Wish me luck with my endeavor!


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