Second Nature

I remember a time when I had to focus on knitting short-row heels. All that wrapping, turning, SSSP action required all of my attention.

Now, however, heel turning seems to have become second nature. When did that happen? And the heels seem to go quickly, too. That's almost too bad, because the heels and toes of socks are my favorite parts.

I finished the first part of this heel on the subway yesterday and the second part while I was on the phone. Did you hear me? On the phone! Talk, talk, chat, chat, and before I knew it there was a finished heel on my DPNs. Amazing!


So pretty. Now why would anyone knit a heel flap? :-)

Oh, and uh, don't read blogs on Saturdays? You might want to breeze by tomorrow morning. Just sayin'...


Hear, hear for short-row heels! I find that I am starting to knit through heels and toes too. Looks good I tell ya!

i'm really getting used to short-row heels too. they seem to go by much quicker now that i know how the system works. by the way, do you ever have to pick up stitches between the heel and the gusset to close up holes? it seems like i always have to do this and i'm wondering if i'm doing something wrong.

I haven't mastered short row heels. Each sock that I used this heel has holes. Many, many holes. I, obviously, still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to short row heels.

Um, because short row heels don't fit right? ;)

learning the short row heel is the next thing on my sock knitting repetoire. and i read blogs all weekend long. it's the only time i really get to read them thoroughly.

I may be at Wild & Wooly Sat AM (daughter has 8:30 am sooccer game in Bedford--sigh--but it is on the same road as W&W!)but I always read blogs on the weekends!
And that is one beautiful heel!

I recently finished my first pair of socks using a short row heel. I resisted for quite a while, but now I "get it".

There's still a place in my sock knitting repertoire for heel flaps when the fit calls for it.

Ah, you're such a shortrow star! I never do any other kind of heel. Evah.

The heel flap fits better. Short row heels are rarely long enough for me. 'See' you tomorrow morning.

Because my heel flap fits me so much better. A short-row heel just doesn't work for me.

i'm still a heel flap devotee even though i find short row heels prettier to look at. i guess it's what the other pro-heel flapper already said. it's all about the fit.

ooh, very exciting! can't wait for tomorrow. . .the suspense. . .

Yes to short row heels!!! Once I figured them out I have only ONCE used a flap (and that was for the sock wars and only because I had to follow the pattern exactly)

And, for me, they also fit better. :)

I love knitting socks! Yet i do not know what a short row heel is... could you please teach me how to do it?
Thanks a lot.

Prety pretty sock!!! What's happening tomorrow???? Hmmm...

Prety pretty sock!!! What's happening tomorrow???? Hmmm...

There are times when the SRHeels can be a monster. But they really are the BEST heels. The flaps are too thick for my liking. (Of course, I also have developed a fondness for non-ribbed socks, too.)

I am struggling with short row heels - what is your method of choice\?

Oh, let me count the ways . . .


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