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I struggled to come up with a clever title for this post, and, well, that's what I got. I finished knitting the beret, did a bit of finishing, and I was ready to wear it outside.

The problem was that the beret was not ready for its world debut. The yarn was all puckered from being knit and reknit. It despirately needed to be blocked.

After a good soak in the sink, and a good wring in a towel, I laid out the beret to block.


What is holding that beret? A soup-pot lid! Conveniently, the pot lid rests on my radiator. So, as the radiator warms the room, the lid conducts heat and gently warms the beret. Clever, no?


you're definitely the clever knitter and blocker! :)

Very clever indeed. You make me wish I looked good in a beret.

That beret is a beauty! Really clever blocking system you have, too!

you're a smarty, indeed! nice job.

Oooh, that is pretty clever! :0)

The beret is great! I loved reading about your progress with it... and your struggles too. Do you think you could email me the instructions to make one like it? It is so nice I want to knit one myself. Thanks a lot from Italy.

Looks great!!

Could I be on your list to as well to have a copy of the instructions??

OMG, awesome! I think the beret is fantastic! I think I may have to make me one!

i dig this hat. Where is the pattern for it

i dig this hat. Where is the pattern for it

Tres clever! Aren't you glad you reknit it?!

That is the best use of a soup pot lid that I can think of.

It's beautiful and I love the blocking idea, thats great!

Yes, clever indeed. I reknit alot of my old yarn. Mainly small purses or toys for my nieces

It looks great, Colleen!


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