No, That Was Not Clever

(Part 1,798,204 in the saga of the Birdwatcher's Beret)

One of these days you're all expecting the obligatory FO post about the Birdwatcher's Beret from Morehouse. Sorry folks, but it ain't going to be today.

While the beret blocked on its soup-pot lid, I was completely unaware of the grave error I was committing. Remember what I wrote about the garter stitch band? That it wasn't stretchy enough? Well, if you overblock ribbing, it also looses its elasticity. That's precisely what I was doing with the soup-pot lid.

Sure, sure, the lid was a nifty form for the body of the hat, but it was too large to block the hat without stretching the dickens out of the ribbed band.


My plan is to run some yarn through the ribbing, cinch it together, and reblock. If that doesn't work, you're all invited to my house for a hat burning ceremony.


Arghhh! It looks so cute on you, even unblocked, that I'm really rooting for a FO pic tomorow!

Ouch, I hope the re-block works! I'll keep my fingers crossed and try to remember not to over-block in my own future.

good luck!

if you re-wet it, it *should* spring back on its own (it's a natural fiber, right?)

You might try threading a comfortable length of cord white elastic rather than yarn; especially if you thread it through your stiches on the inside of the ribbing it will not even show. I have done it on most of my hats-it works and stays stretchy.

This hat is really giving you hell!

That hat is being a royal pain in your arse!

I hope your able to get it to work....if not I will come bells on and matches in hand to burn that sucker!!! lol

oh no. yep, i've had the same problem with overblocking ribbing. it's always such a shame when it happens!

I see Joanna beat me to the punch. I second the thin elastic: you get your snug fit, plus no need to fill the house with the smell of burning wool :o)

I have faith-- but I'll definitely come to the hat burning ceremony. I have a hat to contribute as well!

Oh no! It it's not one thing, it's another with that hat. I hope that re-blocking helps.

Oh no...! How terrible! Can you pick up stitches from the ribbed end, knit more rib, insert elastic band, fold over and sew? Too bulky maybe? It's really a shame to burn it; I hope something works to save it!

How frustrating! I am cursing my way through the Morehouse "Le Beret" pattern and I can't even get the seed stitch brim over my head... I wonder if it will stretch out enough or if I should just start over again. Aghhh... I feel your pain!

Oh no! I didn't know that you could overblock ribbing! Eek!

Seems like another dunk and dry w/o the crazy blocking should restore elasticity. If not, see a plastic surgeon for a "lift". (CA humor you know)...

I kept telling my sister how nice it was that all those grandparents I saw w/ lil kids were so involved. She informed me those were the parents and I was in New England where plastic surgery wasn't the norm...oh I says.

does this web site ever post patterns for knit items? blondie

does this web site ever post patterns for knit items? blondie

does this web site ever post patterns for knit items? blondie

does this web site ever post patterns for knit items?

Would the clear elastic thread you can use in sock ribbing work to help revive the ribbing. I've used it on the neck and sleeve cuff of a sweater.

if all else fails - stuff it, crochet a circle to close and viola! A SMALL PILLOW.


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