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What's next for Subway Knitter?

Well, remember this burgundy yarn that I picked up in Rhinebeck? It's time to make some use of that.


A dig through some of my pattern books yielded a nice eight-row cable that twists back and forth. This one comes from The Harmony Guides 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns, Volume 5.

But, knitting neighbor Amy recently showed me a pattern for a Reversible Cable Scarf. It's free on the Lion Brand website (although registration is required). This pattern is cleverly designed to look good on both the front and back sides. That's the catch with most cabled scarves. They look great on the front, but not so much on the back. I like the twisty eight-row cable, but I like the reversible design of the Lion Brand Scarf

What's a knitter to do? Well, to continue grand tradition of never leaving well enough alone, I'm about to combine the twisty eight-row cable and the Reversible Cable Scarf into one crazy cabled scarf. Can I do it? As I type this, I have no idea. It's certainly worth a try. The first step will be to chart out the Lion Brand pattern to see just what the heck is going on. Stay tuned.


Hey, Scarf STyle has a great reversible wandering cable scarf if you want to throw a third cable pattern into your pot.....

Lily Chin has a number of reversible cable patterns, as well...if you can "translate" the 8 row cable pattern into rib stitch or another reversible stitch (garter or seed stitch), you can make it reversible as well...

that yarn is just lovely! it's gonna make a great scarf. good luck with the conversion! you should definitely publish it if you figure it out.

Whatever you come up with will be delicious I'm sure - especially with that beautiful colorway.

I don't have any ideas as to a pattern but I did want to say that the yarn looks yummy. Love the color. Very merlot-ish.

That sounds really exciting! I love garments with mixtures of cables; they're so much more interesting to look at and touch. Good idea. =D

I hope it goes well for you. Should be interesting for sure.


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