Mystery Back Bay Knitter of the Week

While I wouldn't consider the Pizza Depot in Back Bay Station to be the ideal spot for KIPing, sometimes you need to make do with what you got:


While I was photographing this woman, I couldn't determine why the shots were so blurry. DUH! There's obviously a plate-glass window separating us. Why didn't I notice that at the time?


Just stopping by. Love your blog and the KIP pictures that you take.

i was lucky enough to be in back bay last week -- all the way from central VA! i knit in public, hoping you'd find me ... alas. someone else had better karma!

It's the thrill of the hunt. That's why you missed the window!

Yeah, Back Bay station isn't the coziest place to knit. I used to knit standing on the platform waiting for my trains, and the haze of exhaust made it less than enjoyable....


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