Let's Change the Subject

By now, I'm sure that you're all begging for a break from post after post about my struggles with the Birdwatcher's Beret. I'm happy to oblige:


(please ignore the rare use of flash photography--what an awful photo)

The cuff of sock number two is moving along well. No struggles here! To remind everyone, the yarn is Lucy's merino-tencel handdyed sock yarn. I am enjoying this simple pair very much. I can knit without thinking too much about it, although I notice that when I take my eyes off of the ribbing for too long, I tend to split stiches.

The first time that I knit with Lucy's yarn, I timidly worked eight-inch cuffs. This time, I'm knitting long 10-inch cuffs that will surely keep my ankles warm when the winter winds are blowing.


Mmm... 10" cuffs... my ankles feel warn just thinking about them!

Wow, that's almost knee highs! There must be a lot of yarn in that skein.

I wasn't bored, and can't wait for the next hat chapter :) Glad you mentioned how long those cuffs were, I was going to ask - how cozy!

Wow those are kinda knee sock-ish. They'll keep your tootsies toasty.

Your sock is looking long and cozy. Cannot wait to see what happens with your hat...

mmmmm, those are close to knee highs!

Those knee socks are going to be so warm!!!

You timidly knit 8-inch cuffs, whereas I can't stand to knit more than 5 inch cuffs! :-)

Looks like a very warm sock.


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