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This Wavy Cables Scarf is addicting. By now I don't need the chart (to tell you the truth, after I worked out the pattern, I didn't need the chart again) so I can knit with abandon.


And knit with abandon I have done. Morning, noon, and night I'm knitting this scarf and enjoying it every minute. I'm two-and-a-half skeins in, and the scarf measures about 40 inches. I'll start trying it on when it gets to four feet, but I suspect that I'll want to knit until the scarf is at five feet before thinking about binding off.


Nice job! Enjoy the weekend.

Hey there I have been following your blog for sometime but somehow missed 3 or 4 entries. I am almost as addicted to kitting blogs as I am to knitting :) Anyway you are a brave girl to undo those four stitches that far baqck and redo them.....far to adventurous for me....I would have frogged it and done it all over. Have a happy turkey day

mmmmm, look at how long it's getting!! gonna be a lovely scarf.

I can't believe how long it's gotten - seriously. You've just been cranking. (Or, I guess, knitting with abandon, just like you said ;)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

wow, your scarf is coming along just swimmngly. It's gonna be awesome.

Have a safe and happy Turkey Day. :)

What a beautiful and cozy scarf! It should keep you toasty warm when the really cold weather actually arrives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, it looks great! I love the cabling with that color. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

I have done some cable work & I must agree that once you get over the first pattern it is so easy & really enjoyable when finished . You have peaked my interest again . After I finish this baby blanket I will be looking at some of my left over yarn & making a couple of cable scarfs for some charitable organization . who would need it more than them at this time of the year ? I just love your blog & I am so happy I stumbled in .. Thanks for so much fun .. js

Wow! I have been working on a basketweave scarf for months, and can't seem to keep my attention for too long before I get bored and give up. Good for you! It looks great.

The scarf is turning out so pretty.

great scarf!!! i have just been reading and watching for a couple of weeks.... i live in maine... no subway... but winter weather will allow for more knitting time!! thanks for sharing your ideas!

New to Subway Knitter. Are you using the Lion Brand Reversible cable pattern? Would love to treat myself to one after I complete my second Lily Chap. hat!!


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