I Feel Like Singing!

Heck, I live alone. I might as well break into song. Maybe I should sing a French song. Maybe I would, if I knew any besides "Frère Jacques."


It was knit twice, and blocked three times. This was definitely a knitting victory snatched from the wooly jaws of defeat. I love this beret. It flops perfectly. From now on, this will be my beret pattern of choice.

The details:

The Birdwatcher's Beret KnitKit from Morehouse Merino. It's available here. I don't know if the pattern is available by itself, but I bet Morehouse does--ask them. A few people have requested a copy of the pattern, sorry can't do it.

Needles: US6s

Yarn: Morehouse Featherlight Merino (it comes with the kit) in the Grey Bluebird colorway.

What I changed: I substituted the three-row garter-stitch band for a four-row, K1P1 band. I also adjusted the pattern for my gauge.

Would I knit this again? Two skeins of Malabrigo, patiently waiting in the Subway Stash, say "yes!"

What would I do differently next time? I would definitely use the ribbed band again. I'm not sure that I wouldn't chop off a few stitches, and make the band about an inch smaller. It's something to try for the next version.


Yeah! Congrats, and it will be the perfect accessory for your events today! Are berets allowed in church?

Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear it turned out well in the end.

That turned out wicked awesome! It is the perfect shape and flop for you. (Sometimes they just don't hang correctly.) Very nice.

That looks good! Well worth all the trouble in the end.

"Non, je ne regrette rien" would be a good song. Regretting none of the frogging, the yarn-breaking, the re-blocking. La vie en Grey Bluebird.

Bravo! Felicitations!

it's perfecto!! love it!

Oh, Colleen, it's the cutest thing ever! Honestly, you might consider changing your name to Colette because you were born for the beret!! ; )

(Wicked awesome--hee hee!)

You need some Edith Piaf or perhaps some Johnny Halliday to make the look complete. Voila un bon chapeau!

wow, it looks wonderful on... a classic beret. They are so in vogue at the moment,

That is so cute! I love it! It flops perfectly and just looks super cute on you. :)

You inspired me to make a beret and I just finished it this morning, but I don't think I like the shape as much as yours (I'll know better after blocking).

I love it when a knitter makes something work despite adversity! And I love it when someone looks cute in a beret. (I am not that someone.) ;-)

C'est magnifique! Congratulations on a work of beauty!!

It looks fabulous! Well worth the mighty effort to make it!

You'll have to use your imagination, but here goes:

Douc-uh Fraaaaance-eeh
Cher pays de mon enfaaaaanc-eh

Anyway, nice hat.

C'est bon. Tres bon.

hunh hunh hunh...

zank 'eaven for leetle girlz for leetle girlz get beeger everry day...

Love it! Well worth knitting twice.

Awesome! I really admire your persistance. The results inspire me to put this on my "to do" list.

It turned out lovely, I think I'll have my mom knit me one.

You could sing a French song in English with a very bad French accent as you whirl around in your oh-so-chic-beret. Fabulous!

Absolutly terrific!!! Looks great on you!!!

Wow! Hat came out great.


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