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I didn't knit this, honest. But, if you want to give this pattern a try (it is kind of cute--it might make a nice hostess gift for a fellow knitter) you can find it here.

Happy Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating, and enjoy the weekend!


happy thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day! Thanks for the link. I'm gonna try and churn one out before I go to dinner tonight!

A Happy Thanksgiving to you from across the water!

This is great! Can't wait to try it for next Thanksgiving. I'll be snoozing on the couch after too much turkey today.... Happy Thanksgiving!

Very cute! I'll have to give that one a try for next year.

How did you ever find that!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Happy Thanksgiving! That is a really cute pattern, thanks for sharing!

I just copyied the turkey clothe. It is cute. I am a knitter, I have had problems with my shoulders from doing the knitting too much. As soon as they heal, I'll be right back to knitting. Dish clothes, baby blankets and ponchos, shawls, patriotic wraps are what I do most of the time. They all come in handy for gifts. I enjoy your site. Thanks for all you have given me. If there is a pattern that sounds interesting let me know, I'm willing to share..

Thanks, Joan

I crochet, not knit. But I enjoy y'll so much, that this is the first thing I read, most ever day. Like you, I go at it with a vengence. I am doing scarves and caps for all my Christmas list. Please keep up the good work, cause you make one old lady very happy.

That is just too, too cute - I must make at least one - Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and not too overstuffed the day after.

That's a cute pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice, I love the pattern, gonna have my mother make it for me. I know, I have to learn to knit.

happy thanksgiving. such a cute little square. i'll need to make one for next year.

I think that pattern is so cute. I'm making it up in a dish cloth for my relatives who invite me for dinner. Thanks for the great idea. I'm knitting like crazy to meet a deadline of 42 blue and yellow scarves for the cubscouts. So, as soon as the are finished I have until 1 DEC 06 to complete I'm on # 29 wish me luck.


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