Dry, Dry, Dry!

Since minimal sock progress was made yesterday, I'm right back to the hat.


There is just a touch more moisture in this hat. If I could get my heat to come on once more, the radiator beneath the hat would take care of that lingering bit of wetness. [Yes, the hat is resting on a cooling rack. I do find interesting ways of using my cookware.]

It's been pretty mild, temperature-wise, in Boston these past couple of days. I'm not complaining about that. I suppose that I could turn up my thermostat to an absurd level, and get the heat to come on that way, but somehow I think that the more planet-friendly approach would be to let the water evaporate on its own.


once again-
i hope this time it is

Listen, if you are anywhere near Porter Sq. today/ there is a book signing at the book store. Knitting with Balls: a contemporary guide to knitting for the modern man. I'm really impressed -- a recognition of the fine art of knitting!!
by a male.

I've enjoyed watching the saga of the hat--kudos for your persistence to get it right! ...from another Boston knitter...

I just LOVE that yarn. . . I wonder if I could pull off a beret-style hat? I have a LOT of hair...

If nothing else, I could try to take a page out of your book and just keep working it until it was right. Way to go!

I'm sure the rain's not helping. My Rogue's been drying now for 3 days!

you could put a fan on it. that might help.

It looks good from this angle. I really hope it fits properly this time.

Wow, I would of tossed the hat. I was getting stressed for you. Anything that gives me that much drama goes in the garbage. But you did great it looks really good from the picture. Just goes to show patience is a virtue. Great JOB!!

Would love to find patterns for little girl-2 yrs. old- Any suggestions as to where
to find them?
Thank you!!

Forgot to print pattern for BERETS for a 2 yr. old in my previous e-mail Sorry and thanks,again!!


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