Dear Amtrak,

I write to thank you for Monday morning. We were almost an hour late leaving Penn Station, and you kept us well entertained the entire time. That conductor was quite funny: telling us that he didn't "think" that the smoke we smelled was anything to worry about, and that it was "just something" to do with the overhead wires. Oh, you mean the wires that supply the electricity that propels the trains forward, closer to their destinations? Is that all? What a kidder!

In addition to that wannabe standup-comedian who had us rolling in the aisle ("We might need to reverse into New Jersey before we can get going again!") you gave me 60 more minutes of knitting time than I had expected. I really appreciated it. And, I'll never forget about those extra 10 minutes in New London when we waited for the barge at the drawbridge (although, in all fairness, that really wasn't your doing). Knit, knit, knit! With this extra time I was able to finish the foot, and even the toe. If I had had my grafting instructions with me, and if you had figured out a way to hang around Providence for 30 minutes or so, I would have been able to finish the entire thing.


As it was, I was pleased with the progress I made. But, there's no reason for you to repeat this ever again. Trust me, once was enough.


Subway Knitter


Oh, dear.
The sock does look very nice, though.

After a similar experience on the Acela where we "hung out" in New London for over an hour and were then informed that passengers on a broken regional train were going to be put on OUR train (because THAT's why I paid twice the regional fare to be on Acela) only to then NOT have that happen, I decided that I would brave AirTran for my bi-weekly DC trips. I, too, made some serious progress on my Trekking sock of the moment, but it didn't justify the joys of Amtrak.
Your sock does look quite lovely...

I can't stress about running late when there's knitting in my hand.

I am very familiar with the drawbridge and the stop in New London! I grew up in Uncasville which is about 7 miles from where you were stuck. Can't complain when it provides extra knitting time. Only worry when traveling for me is whether I brought enough yarn/projects in case of delays!

Another of the many reasons to knit -- to reduce stress during unscheduled delays! Your sock is looking good.

Funny, Wendy at Knit in the City had a similar quality knitting experience provided by Amtrack recently.

hahaha, the joys of public transportation. i love it when trains just hang out for no reason. all the more reason to have an ipod and a good book or knitting. glad you got a lot done!

Oh, I hope it didn't make you knit tighter!

Thank goodness you didn't finish the sock any sooner, or did you have a back up project with you? I've got an Amtrak trip coming up in two weeks, I'll be sure to pack several projects.

It almost makes it worth the expense of the ticket! :)

Thank goodness you had your knitting with you! What do non-knitters do?

Is that grateful sarcasm I hear (*smile*)?

You might want to borrow my grafting mantra: knit slip purl, purl slip knit. All you have to remember is the purl, knit to get the party started.

Oh, Yikes. The sock looks great, though! :0)

Making lemonade from lemons!

Well, on the bright side, at least you HAD your knitting with you. Imagine if you didn't?? That conductor may not have made it back safely on the trip.
Great sock.

Isn't is crazy when they say there is traffic preventing the train from pulling into Penn Station? Um, I hate NJ traffic... which is why I took the train! But the sock looks lovely.

Well this is why I'm a big fan of the Delta Shuttle. 27 minutes of air time and you're at your sister's house with a week's worth of dirty laundry. (Granted I flew for free as a much put upon and underpaid employee of said co.--but still 27 minutes).

Ooh! I love the sock! You're so productive!
I had a similar experience Amtrakking into Boston last month...the stinky smoke delays and everything! In addition to the electrical smoke, the train workers actually went outside to the back of the train to smoke cigarettes while the train was running. Nothing kills my knitting mojo like the threat of stinky smells infiltrating my yarn!


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