Crazy For Cables

Yup, tweaking the Reversible Cables Scarf pattern to resemble the twisty cable in the Harmony Guide was not very difficult at all.


After I charted the Lion Brand pattern for the Reversible Cable Scarf (free on the website), I noticed that the cables on the front and back were separated by columns of purl stitches. Those columns of purl stitches became the cables of the opposite side. Simple, yet clever.

When I swatched up a couple of repeats in a six-stitch version of the Harmony Guide's cable the result looked a little chunky. Not only do the wide cables strain the yarn, the purl-stitch column was too wide and distracted one's eye from the cable. The scarf also needs to be wider. Since I need an odd number of repeats (to keep the cables and columns centered across the scarf) I would need to add two addtional repeats. With five six-stitch cables across, the scarf would become too wide.

I knit a few rows of stockinette, respaced my stitch markers, and started again. This second repeat at the top uses only a four-stitch cable--just like the Harmony Guide pattern. Much better! The stitches are less stretched, the purl columns sink into the background, and the eight additional stitches (which I did not add in this swatch) will give me the perfect width.

Next up, cabling without a cable needle!


I love the cable repeat you've settled on. I'd like to get bold enough to try this for my first cable project.

Very clever of you!

LOVE the pattern.

I'm knitting a scarf with yarn about the same color and weight as yours. Very fall. Love it.

The scarf looks great. Lovely pattern.

Absolutely lovely design and color! Thanks for the link to the reversible cable scarf; I've often wondered if such a thing was possible. Can't wait for the cabling without the cable needle post!!!

That is going ot be a lovely scarf. Love the color.

I have been trying the cables without a cable needle. Maybe you'll have more luck...I feel all thumbs with a cable needle but all thumbs times a million without. Can't win ~sigh~

For 25+ years I thought everybody used DPNs to make cables! I bought a cable needle a few years ago when I saw it in the store. I had my doubts about how useful it would be, but it's smaller and fits in my little tool pouch better than a DPN. Imagine that!

That looks great! I want to learn how to do cables without a cable needle, and this may be the perfect project for it.

took a class a month ago on a similar scarf. we did a tubular cast on which gave the scarf a more finished look. I have a pic on my page.

"Those columns of purl stitches became the cables of the opposite side. Simple, yet clever."

Never noticed this pattern .. neat though .. I have to try it ..


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