ATTENTION KNITSMITHS: This Sunday's (November 5th) meeting at Booksmith is canceled. Just this Sunday's meeting is canceled. Don't get any crazy idea that every meeting is canceled. It's just this Sunday. Repeat: don't go to Booksmith looking for the Knitsmiths on Sunday November 5th, because we won't be there. Apparently they need the downstairs space for a reading, and they can't host both us and the author (who obviously isn't a knitter) this Sunday. Boo.

In other "boo" news, finishing the Birdwatcher's Beret from Morehouse didn't take long. But, I wasn't happy with the result. Despite painstakingly checking my gauge and adjusting the pattern for that gauge (4.5 stitches instead of 4) it's hard to hide the fact that this hat is much to big for my noggin.


I'm telling you: the store sample fit me perfectly. There was nothing else to do but frog that thing. What went wrong?

The brim was too wide. The straightforward solution would be to cast on fewer stitches.

That's what I did. But, after knitting the first three rows in garter stitch I became concerned that the brim was too small. To check the size, I slipped the brim off of the needles and tried to slip it over my head. Yup, too small for Subway Knitter's big head.

Frog, frog, frog. Accidentally break the yarn, get the yarn hopelessly tangled, and resist the urge to swear and fling this hat across the apartment. Untangle the yarn, rewind it, and go to bed. More tomorrow.


Sorry, gauge is so cruel when it lies to us. It will be a great hat when it fits, the color is beautiful.

Sorry that happened :( that sucks.

Just try to think of how awesome it will be once it is done and is a great hat and great color.

Sorry that happened :( that sucks.

Just try to think of how awesome it will be once it is done and is a great hat and great color.

Sorry 'bout the double post :( Not sure what came up error and "poof" two posts lol

Unraveling is no fun, but the color is beautiful. can't wait to see the next (and hopefully "perfect fit") version.

Too bad about the hat. It's cute though.

ok, is it wrong that my first reaction to that picture was loud laughter?

i'm sorry but that hat really is too big.

What a pity! Hopefully you have sufficient yarn to re-knit, despite breakage and tangles.

How disappointing! If only we could merge our knitting mojo - I just knit a hat far too small! (I hope the re-knit doesn't turn out far too big!) :0)

Drats. Next time, felt it a little. Traditional berets are felted, no?

Funny, the same thing just happened to me with a different beret pattern. I wound up felting it, and now it is just a regular hat. Yours will look great on you when finally finished!

it's kind of cute, i think.
oh, gauge...

Ha! That is a great picture. : )

felt it carefully !

Omg, I am SO glad that I decided to read up on bloglines today. What? No KS? I was actually planning to go this weekend too! Damn... Is there an alternate location?

I'm so sorry your beret didn't fit well. At least it's a fast knit project and not a long involved sweater.


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