I was being so careful with my cabling. Or so I thought.


Look at that cable on the left hand side of the photo. This pattern makes the stockinette columns sway back and forth by alternating C2B and C2F cables every six rows. I knew this, yet somehow I managed to twist one cable wrong in that row.

Of course, I didn't discover this until I was a few repeats above the mistake. Did I stop knitting when I noticed it? No way! I was in some waiting room where I could not imagine not knitting. Later on, I could easily unravel those four stitches to the mistwisted cable, redo that repeat, and work my way back up.

At home, I did just that. First, I prepared myself and my space. I made sure that all was right with my world. I was fed, hydrated, and comfortable. I harbored no ill will toward anything or anyone. I took out the trash (it was trash night, after all). I considered unplugging the phone, but in the end decided to let the voicemail take any incoming calls (none came). I put a glass of water by my side. My knitting implements were on the table. Everything I would need for the next hour or so was within an arm's reach.

One by one, I undid those four stitches down to the wrong cable. When each stitch was unraveled as far as I needed to go, I placed it on a spare piece of yarn. Eventually I had four stitches ready to be reworked.


It looks scary, doesn't it? I refused to get nervous about the sight of all those loose strings. After all, I know how to fix a dropped stitch, and this fix was doing that with four of them. I patiently began to rework each row. For reworking a single stitch, I would use a crochet hook. But, for four stitches I wanted to make sure that each new loop was properly sized. I used a pair of US8 straights to lift and drop each loop over that row's length of yarn. When I came to a cable row, I twisted the stitches first, then rehooked the loops just as you would do with a dropped stitch.

Patience, of which I possess little, was key here. I used my entire supply. Eventually (about 90 minutes later) I had reworked the four stitches back to the top. I was ready to continue, only this time I checked every cable as I knit them. I don't want to waste another evening on another careless error.


Wowzersss... I couldn't do that if my life depended on it... I usually end up "unknitting" till I get it fixed, or just casting off, and starting over... you are a very brave woman!!

That looks so scary to me! I can't do that (not yet at least, and I hope I don't have to!)

Well done! Good thing you noticed it before you were near the end of the piece.

Thanks for the tutorial. It does look scary, but I know I am going to want to know how to do this. I may make a practice mistake swatch and learn how to do it where the stakes aren't so high. Thanks for admitting the the time, preparation and patience involved. I always imagine fixing mistakes by accomplished knitters takes five minutes or less; it's good to know that I'm not an idiot when it takes me a good amount of time to fix things.

I know, oh yes I know, how much care that takes--great work!

the second pic is a fright!! I admire your patience. I could never pull that off without losing my sanity. Very nice, Colleen. :)

Excellent job! The first time I tried it I was terrified. But now I know I am the boss of my knitting. Good feeling, no?

Thanks I needed a mini heart attack today. My goodness that looks scary.

Good for you for fixing it--don't you feel accomplished??

Remember that Vogue Knitting cover a couple years ago with the mis-crossed cable on the cover? You're in good company, that's all.

nice job! that's a resourceful knitter for you. love how you prepared your space first... good idea!

Oy Vey! That's a lot of work and sweat.

It worked really well though.

I HATE it when that happens. But I love it when it's fixed. Beautiful!

You are a brave, brave knitter.

Ahhh..thats the way its done. I was inspired by your beret and decided to tackle one myself from Vogue Knitting. Once I learn how to upload pics on my site I will show you.

good job! i've done that before (though not on that level of complication) and it's SOOOOO much better than ripping.

omg, that second photo looks like a knitting nightmare, good job making it pretty again!

So impressed. So so so impressed. Must. learn. how. to. fix. mistakes! I would have had to rip back.

What a great job. You deserve lots of lovely chocolate.

I wouldn't have been able to tell until you just pointed out.

you rock girlfriend!

Yowza! My stomach is churning just thinking about doing all that correction ... I don't know if I'd have had the patience!! :D ... You are AWESOME!!

Impressive. I wouldn't have even tried it. I'd have just left that poor cable to do it's little thing.
Good for you.


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