A Pattern With My Name On It



Perfect! so are you going to make it? and what are the chances of a Shireen pattern?

that's a cute stocking!

And it's totally you! When are you casting on?

OH that's me too! How cool!
Have you seen *our* Waterford pattern?

I think I'd like this as a regular sock, instead of stocking.... maybe a project for after Christmas!

That is VERY cool. Both that it carries your name, and that it's just a great pattern. I agree, it would make a nice pait of socks, too.

I love that stocking!

That's too cool! Now you must make it. It's like how I must have Opal yarn.

How can you resist?

Here's another Colleen saying - LOVE IT! It's fate - I need to make one for a new niece this Xmas - but when will I find the time? I've left it all too long, already. Grrr.

wish i was a gook knitter cause i would love to have & make it for my family!!

that's a cute pattern too.

And it's a cute pattern too! I've found patterns named after my first and last name!


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