What Can Brown Do for You?

[The title is a shameless copping of a UPS advertising campaign. And this is coming from a person who does not have a TV. Someone once called me a marketer's dream. He was right.]

So, I'm leaving the house this morning and my cellphone starts ringing. I receive few calls on that thing to begin with, and even fewer of them come through in the morning. I hurriedly dug the phone out of its special spot in my bag (inside rear pocket, same side as the MP logo) and looked at the ID. I didn't recognize the number.

Sucker that I am, I answered the call anyway. It's a good thing I did. I listened to a recorded message from UPS informing me that my laptop delivery had been rescheduled. "Great," I thought. "I won't get this thing until next month."

Au contraire! The rescheduled date? MaƱana! That's at least three days sooner than expected. Cool beans! Could this mean live Rhinebeck updates from the (apparently) WiFi-enabled Fiber Cottage? We shall see.

If I were cynical (which, p.s., I totally am), I would think that these companies overestimate shipping times so that when things arrive a few days earlier than expected the recipient is transported to a state of bubble-wrapped glee.

Hey, works for me! Of course, the laptop isn't actually in my hands just yet. It remains to be seen if this rescheduled delivery date holds true.

What can brown do for me? Get my laptop here ASAP, that's what. So, do your part and send good shipping thoughts my way.


well, it's good to see you back on line and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new laptop comes sooner than later.

They do add on time. Then people don't get mad when things get delayed by weather, accidents or sick drivers that cancel at the last possible second. Of course if it shows up early people get happy and love the company so they get to keep their business.

My finger and toes are crossed for an early delivery. I can't go to Rhinebeck and I want to see loads of pictures all over blogland.

i've missed your blogging. good luck getting the laptop - I completely agree with you about companies adding on time to the ship date. Amazon does that all the time. See you at Rhinebeck!

I think Dell has publicly stated it's their company policy to inflate the shipping date so you'll be happily surprised. It's a good strategy, because it starts your relationship with the company off on a pleasant footing.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I don't torture myself with the delivery dates. I torture myself by watching the truck progress. I hate it when my shipment goes from let's say San Jose to Portland (oh boy getting closer!) to Hermiston (45 minutes away!!!) to Spokane (WTF?) and then the next day gets delivered to me late afternoon after it drives back down the hiway. I live like 3 miles from where that damn truck has to drive between Hermiston and Spokane. I could have met them somewhere!!

Yay! Nothing more exciting than getting an EARLY delivery!

horray! here's hoping for an earlier delivery!

looking forward to seeing you at rhinebeck :)

Yay, UPS! So glad you were pleasantly surprised. (Up here in Canada, the postal surprises are generally of the other, less fortunate, kind.) :0)

good luck - UPS cant even FIND my house - even though its a two story house on an acre of land that was built in 1930!!!! Brown claims there is no such address. may you get an intelligent driver!!!

Good shipping thoughts are being sent your way...

That's great! Look forward to seeing you this weekend!

ha! one day i sat at home waiting for the UPS truck to deliver my dell desktop years ago. and watched the truck drive past my window, 3 times over the course of the day until it final stopped at my house. i was going crazy.

Hope it shows up on time. I really miss your photos of folks knitting in public.

Dorothy must be right - when I ordered my Inspiron last month, they quoted me a shipping date weeks into the future, but happily, my new laptop arrived on the first day of the estimated delivery window - I was indeed happy.

Glad to here from you. I knit on the subway. Everyone stares at me. I am also known for Suduko Puzzles. Men usually say: You can Suduko!? Yes.
Sorry, UPS cannot find your house, dee landreneau, Copy the satellite photo from Yahoo and send it to them. Ha Ha!
Glad your laptop is coming early.
Try not to be to hard on the Drivers.
Buy Now! Ship Early!!!!! Holidays on the way!!!


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