The Hat that Got Away

This year my Rhinebeck experience was all about hats. I knit a hat, I bought hat kits to knit later, and I tried on this hat:

Felted Hat.jpg

It's a felted hat, and I thought it was very,very cute. Unfortunately, it was a little bit out of my price range.

You'll ask me where this was from, and my response will be "I don't know!" I'm usually good about taking down that type of information, but here I forgot.


That looks great on you. Is it knitted and felted or just felted?

It's very cute. Next time . .

Cute hat!!!

I love the picture!!!!

Oh wow... that hat is soooo you!!! Couldn't you make something similar? I'm pretty sure you could LOL. I have a lot of faith in you being capable of creating something similar!!!
Cheers Eva

Oh, very cute. Cute shot, too.

I saw that hat, but I cannot remember the booth either.

I think you could totally replicate that hat! Knit it. Felt it. Embroider on the flora.

You can do it!

very cute! i bet you could make one!

I got the felted hat lady's card, although I don't know where it is right now. I hope to make some cool felted hats someday.

Very nice! I love felted hats!

I saw that hat! It was beautiful...of course, I cannot help you out and tell you where it is.

Colleen--just checking--did you get my email about Sunday?
You can make that hat!

Very chic hat! I'm sure you could make one of those. That picture angle is way cool!

Great hat! Very edelweiss and the Sound of Music, which is a good thing in my book! I'd love to know where you saw it if someone comes up with the vendor/booth info.

Look at the cards I collected I think it was eitehr Moonlight Llamas or The Shepherd's Child. Of course niether of them have websites.

Hey! i think i tried on that exact hat!

of course, i don't know where it was either. :)


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