Rhinebeck 2006

I write to you this afternoon from the Wi-Fi enabled Fiber Cottage:


Also known as the Cutest Cottage Ever. This place is seriously cute. Mad props to Amber for being organized enough to reserve in February.

When I say almost everyone was in Rhinebeck this weekend, almost everyone was. Now, if you weren't here, don't feel left out, but I think that almost every knitter I know from New York and New England was here. The blogger meetup was fun (thanks Cara!) but more fun was bumping into someone who was browsing the same booth as you.

So, you're asking, what did I buy? Not much (remember the whole laptop incident), but I'm very happy with what will come home with me.


Two hat kits from Morehouse Merino. The Lily Chapeau in the Chocolate Brown and Raspberry combination and the Birdwatcher's Beret in the Grey Bluebird colorway. The gray is very mysterious--it's not quite gray but it's not quite brown. I think that I'll be able to push it in either direction (note to self: buy brown coat).

I rode Alison's coattails with the Lily Chapeau. She had a kit in her bag and I had to have one too. Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


This is some merino handspun in a deep burgundy colorway. Mmmm. Perhaps it was because of the red wine I had at dinner, but I couldn't resist this yarn. It wants to be a cabled scarf.

So, looks like it'll be another accessory-heavy winter. I can't wait to get started on my hats!


Is there a link to the cottage rental? The CatMan took one look at the above picture and said, "We should go there".

Such a great little cottage - I think that staying locally will be the way to go for next year - the 3+ hour drive from Boston got me to Rhinebeck just in time for the meetup!

Great kits - can't wait to see what else you came back with.

Hey! I wasn't there! doesn't that count for anything?!?!

glad to see you up and running!

I know what you mean -- it was fun! I love your purchases -- they will be great this winter.

I feel so left out! Great cottage, though. What a good idea.

I knit and crochet everywhere, especially this time of the year. In the cold Northern Michigan... Christmas!!! I clicked on this link on my Yahoo page, I don't see much, or understand what it's all about, but I'm sure if it's Knitting, it will be fine. I dream of visiting New York someday, and will definitely be looking for the kniting commuters!!!

Love your hats & will look forward to seeing them knitted up! Glad you had a good time.

That cottage looks so nice! It was fun to meet you too!

mmmm, nice purchases. can't wait to see those hats in the making!

that is the cutest cottage ever.

but where's the wine?

I love the Birdwatcher's Beret. Although the directions do not say to do so, I put mine through the wash once for a light felting. It came out perfect!

Great cottage! The handspun is a beautiful color. I reminds me of expensive and unattainable wine.

Great to see you as always!

It was wonderful to meet you! Smart of you to keep within a budget but you did find some very nice wool anyway!

Ooh! Nice shopping! I love morehouse merino yarns. They come to the Union Square market in NYC every Wed., and they sell broken skeins, etc. at a nice discount. (This accounts for my totally out of control Morehouse stash.)


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