Mystery Rhinebeck Knitters of the Week

You didn't have to look far to find knitters at Rhinebeck. Heck, for about 48 hours I could have stuck a hand in any direction and touched a knitter. This was especially true on Saturday. On Saturday the fairgrounds were crazy crowded, and it was hard to move. Grabbing a few moments on a bench, I noticed this pair across the fairway:


It's unusual to see a man knitting in public, but it's even more unusual to see two men knitting while having a gab. I couldn't quite see what they were up to, but both looked to be knitting socks.


ha! i love thaqt picture. if not for the sneakers, it could be an image from another time. even a painting. don't you think?

What I love best about that picture is that the man on the left has a paper lunch bag to carry his knitting. Precious!

LOVE this picture. It looks like it should be on a card.

Truly priceless picture! Including the paper bag to hide the yarn in like a bottle of beer on the street.

This is an AWESOME photo! I love to knit in public, and this reminds me of how cool it can be.

I'm going to send this link to my sister who just learned to knit and isn't comfortable doing it in public yet.

That is so cool.

Great photo! Someone needs to invent a masculine knitting bag, so these guys can get rid of their brown paper bags.

i love seeing men knit. i'll have to show this to my husband. he doesn't believe that they exist.

That is the best picture from Rhinebeck that I have seen so far. I love it. They look like they could be sitting on a bench outside of a stone croft in the Highlands of Scotland, in a cafe by any marketplace in France or peacefully knitting by the canals of Vienna. The picture as a whole is both ancient and contemporary all at once.

What a hoot-they've probably been knitting most of their lives. I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but my friend's husband, big tough army dude, has been known to knit a sock or two...

That came out really well. Nice shot! :)

That really is one of the most priceless photos of men knitting in public. It's great. You should have a caption contest or something. The responses would be worth reading!

Sweet photo...and so inspiring! I'll proudly KIP from now on (I'm Ginny's sister).

I love this photo because these two guys have probably been knitting for years and never felt ashamed or defensive or like they need to make a statement.

They're simply knitting.

I, too, just love the picture! I'm going to take a copy to our knitting club--we need to put out a bulletin--MEN WELCOME!
Our "felting party" was great fun! The girl whose cat bed we were felting has felted fabric pieces b/4 (she's a weaver, too) but never a knitted piece. One thing we did, which I never read b/4, was to cover the wet garment with lye soap before agitating. It worked beautifully. (Carol's husband makes the soap.)
I'm working on a purse to be felted, a tapestry bag (in the fall issue of Knit It) It includes duplicate stitch embroidery on the front of the purse. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

i loved it
thank you so so much
happy to have you back

Oh, that's just fabulous! I missed those knitters (distracted by the sheep, I suppose). It was great running into you at Rhinebeck! I'm looking forward to your next NY visit. Nice hat, btw.

That is the best photo I've seen. It really captures the essence of how knitting can transcend gender, politics, age, etc.

My knitting guys - hubby and son, knit in public. But never together so far.

I missed seeing those guys in person. Thanks for the pic!

Awesome! You can call it Men who are not afraid to knit in public.


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