It's Here!

It's here, it's here, it's here!

I feel whole again :-).



:) huzzah! i could not be without a computer for as long as you have been. i think that i would break down and cry. sad, no?

Mwahaha! Feel the power of ze new computah!

I am so glad your computer came. I just got your block popup on my yahoo. Glad your computer is with you. My Son is saving up for a new one. He just purchased a hard drive to back this computer up. We are also going to get this one a new internal hard drive.

I love knitting on the subway and bus.

What is everyone knitting? I am knitting a man's sweaater using "Big Needle Knitting" I am hoping to finished this sweater for his birthday 11/7

I'm knitting the shawl that's featured in the Vogue Holiday issue.
It's very beautiful, but needs to be embroidered when it's done, which I can do, but dread


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