It's 5:05AM, Do You Know Where Your Knitters Are?

If you're a smart knitter, you're still sound asleep. It's much too early to be up on a Saturday morning.

This knitter, however, has a 6AM departure time to be in Lowell for 7AM. From there it's straight to Rhinebeck.

When you're up almost two hours earlier than normal, AND it's a weekend, you know that your "hobby" is serious indeed. There are few things that would get me up early on a Saturday morning. Yarn is, apparently, one of them.


ah, we decided to get a later start. we'll be on the road by 9am and there around 11/11:30. see ya!

I was just looking at my bloglines and thinking how quiet it's going to be this weekend in knitting blog land. At least, you posted before heading out. :D

I hope you're having a wonderful time.

I'm so jealous. I've never been to fiber show. I live in the south. =(

Groan! I so wish I could be there! Enjoy yourself extra for all of us who can't make it! :0)

Ahhh, I'm a jealous knitter today.

ive been knittting since i was 10 n i guess u can say im still in the closet... :(

i'm sorry i missed you! hope you had fun -- what a great day it was.

subway knitter?

I like to take my kniting projects to work. IF, that's a big IF, it slows down I like to knit and talk to staff members. I have even offered to teach some. Christmas is coming!!!!

I have never been to a Yarn Festival. I look forward to my first Yarn Festival. I looked at the Festival Site and Fun and information seems to be plentiful. Have a great time.

The last time I saw this blog. I was trying to do my mittens, for a lady. The felting was terrible. The pattern is by Trends. I understand they are well respected. The store I purchased the pattern from had a sample pair. The only problem is the pattern does not tell the yarn used. Bummer. I thought I had lost my mind. Nothing looked right. So, I know how you have missed your computer. I sent Trends a email. The shop sold Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride and a Berrocco nylon for the Mittens. That is not even close to the yarn used by the writers of the pattern. Talk about Stressed Out. I still feel cheated and humilated. I did these for a friend and she paid for the gloves and needles. I was so frustrated, She wound up with three pairs of gloves.
I got new needles and now working on a set for another friend. What a lesson.

I'm a crocheter slowoly lwarning to knit. I'd go alot faster if the requests for crochet work didn't stop pouring in. Have my eye on aa single cable roll neck sweater in the first Stitch n B book. I'll have to work up to it, but I'm patient. Did the same thing with Irish roses when I learned crochet-I'll get there...


I know, there's a certain amount of insanity built in, huh? Hope you had fun--sorry we didn't get to say hello!


My favorite time for knitting is summer (you'd think it would be winter here in Maine). I help watch my boyfriend's grand kids and knitting is a nice way to parallel play with the toddlers.

i am in toronto ontario canada..and have been knitting on public transportation .. only 2 donate the 144 hats i made.. some1 has to help keep others warm

not quite a closet knit'r/crochet'r, but have been known to annoy people by enjoying this hobby as they talk. Ya know, blah, blah,blah...then you smile and nod knowingly, theyre none the

im from SE michigan i really want to learn how to knit but cant find a class in my area any suggestions??

I am a great crocheter, but a frustrated knitter. Is their any books you can recommmend to a beginner?
Thanks. BB

you know what's fun?...start counting out loud when someone starts talking. drives my husband crazy. :-)

BB i've crocheted for 100 years (almost) and taught myself to knit about 10 years ago. i used a booklet by Evie Rosen 'The All New TEACH YOURSELF TO KNIT' (1992). if you learned to crochet first the 'Continental Method' to knit is easiest to learn because you wind your yarn around finger the same way you do to crochet. and if i could learn it anyone can. i knit and crochet all the time. lots of baby things. tons of compliments and requests and tons of fun to do the 'little' stuff.

Hi, I'm new to this blog but have an idea for those who would like to learn how to knit. We formed a knitting club at our local library, open to knitters and crocheers. We meet once a month, beginners welcome! Our agenda is to work on a charity project, as well as our own projects. We take "field trips" to yarn stores, and tomorrow some of us are getting together for a "felting" lunch. We have a great time sharing our love of knitting and several newbies have become great knitters.

I live in Baltimore and next wkend "Stitches Expo East" will be at our convention center for 3 days. I can't wait. It will be my first convention. They are having classes as well as launching new products.


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