Getting My Go Socks On!

I have a colleague who has all sorts of amusing ways to tell us that he's leaving. "Got my go shoes on," is one of them. "I'm off, like a prom dress," is a personal favorite.


As you can see, I cast on for a pair of socks. The yarn? It's Lucy's handdyed merino-tencel blend in a fabby gunmetal-gray colorway (buy it here). Or is that brown? Or blue? It's very mysterious.

Alert blog readers might remember that I first worked with this yarn back in the spring, when I was furiously knitting Sock Savior socks for Sockapaloooza. I love the shimmer of this yarn, and based on an attempt to break off a long end, I can report that it's deceptively strong. Since this pair of socks will be for me, I can report how the yarn will wear (prediction: very well).

I have my go shoes on, and a go sock in my knitting bag. This means two things. First, that I have a train journey ahead of me. Second, that I get to hang out with the Spiders later on today. In other words, I'm going to New York.

Tah, tah for the weekend! I'll see you all on Monday.


Everytime I go to the shop I eye that color. Great choice! Are you planning on joining in on Lucy's sock club this year? (Deadline is the 31st.)

Have a wonderful time this weekend, you and your 3 day week ;)

Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend -- Happy Knitting!

Obviously, I need to take in some more caffeine. I had to read, "Off, like a prom dress" 3 times before I got it. Ha ha ha! I got it now! :0)

Have a great weekend!!!

man you are one traveling fool

You lucky girl, going on another adventure. Have fun!

oooh, i can't wait to see this yarn in person! :)

so nice to see you ! come back and visit soon!

very nice to meet you at the point the yesterday!

That's definitely the perfect way to spend a weekend - happy knitting!

I loooove Lucy's sock yarn. I just finished a sock (in indigo) and it looks lovely, with great stitch definition. I'm waiting to see how it wears, but thus far it's looking better than my other merino socks.

Lucy was also nice enough to make me a big lot of a dark cranberry colour, which I'm going to knit into a lace cardigan.

do say more about this sock yarn? tencel and merino, I am indeed intrigued. Is it slippery or a bit like the silk and wool blends? so you think that it's wear well? I know that isn't necessarily a requirement fot all knitters but it is important.

What fun! Those look like they'll be great to knit. What is tencel? Is it a fiber, or a shiny thing?

Love the prom dress one. Too funny.

Great yarn, hope it and you have a blast.


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