Gateway 450 SX4, 2002-2006

I write to you today with sad news about my laptop. Despite an initial diagnosis of a bad video card (or board, or whatever), the real culprit turned out to be the system board (card?) A bad system whatever-it-is means only one thing: it's time to shop for a new laptop.

There's a Dell Insprion B130 with my name on it. I hope to be back with daily posts by the last few days in October.

This means that I'm missing the whole Rhinebeck build up. This year, I'm going! With no computer at home, I might as well print out the vendor list from, errr, another computer and study it hard in the evenings. I'm going with an edited project list (socks, scarves) and an edited budget (because laptops don't grow on trees, you know).

Might I add that I am getting loads accomplished without the distraction of the internet? My condo? It's clean (even the closets)! My laundry? There's none! The gym? I go! I have a decent dinner every evening (with leftovers for a hot lunch the next day). I'm even thinking about painting my bathroom (with new towels to match, natch). The to-do list is getting shorter and shorter.

There's also, of course, much knitting progress to report. Without my photo software, I can't show it to you. Just imagine the posts that await the new laptop's arrival.

Meanwhile, my bloggy exile continues and I miss you all.


I know what it's like to be without a loved one. I hope for good news from Nikon on my D70... Good choice on the B130! When does she arrive?

miss you too! looking forward to seeing you at rhinebeck :)

Sorry about your laptop; hope your new one rocks! Have a good time at Rhinebeck!

We've missed you! I'm sure you'll have a monster post once you get the new computer. Hope to see you at Rhinebeck (I say "hope" because it'll be hard finding each other in such a crowd!).

i've missed you too which is why i was happy to see you friday.

we'll chat at rhinebeck!

There's more to life than clean closets. Get your new computer soon and get back to vitual life instead of real life.LOL.

YAY for Rhinebeck!

Sad sad news about ye olde laptop!

Perhaps I'll see you at Rhinebeck?

Yay, Colleen! I hope to see you at Rhinebeck!

(Boo about the laptop, though).
; )

Clean closets ?
Let me feel your forehead.

Poor laptop! Hopefully you'll get your new one soon!

That really sucks. I hope you enjoy Rhinebeck even on a tighter budget.

We look forward to pictures when you are back up and running.

My deepest sympathies. Having suffered a similar loss recently (It was a fatal logic board injury.) I feel your pain.

you are taking this crisis
very well
looking forward to your return

Looking forward to seeing you in real life!

RIP, Gateway. Others of your kind are suffering a similar fate.

All the best with your new Dell baby!

You are missed! Enjoy your Rhinebeck trip!

Fall cleaning is great, but can't wait until you post again - have fun at Rhinebeck!

Good luck with the new setup. I hate when computers go bad. ;-(

Have fun! I wish I could go... failing that, I wish I could talk someone into buying yarn for me! :) Ahwell, next year. I'm not in any immediate danger of running out, somehow.

I found your blog through January One. I have been in Boston this week and thanks to you, bookish girl, and january one I have seen some great yarn shops!! And, successfully ridden the T! You are now on my list of regular reads!

I hope to see you at Rhinebeck!

Glad to hear you've been getting so much done! Have a great time at Rhinebeck. : )


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