Dear Blogland,

My computer might be dead!

Sigh! I won't know until tomorrow. Until then, please keep your fingers crossed that it's something simple that can be fixed.


Subway Knitter


fingers crossed! :/ hope it's not busted.

*crosses fingers*

Best of luck, Colleen! Hopefully, the patient can be revived.

I sure hope it's nothing serious.

all fingers crossed!

I'm sorry to read that. Ours is on its last legs. In the meantime, we're looking for a new one. My boss just got rid of hers and bought a new one for half the price she did the old.
Humph~~ 'PUTERS!

Oh NO! Good luck...Hope everything rights itself pronto!

my hopes are with you.

if it is dead, let me know. i've been a wealth of info to many bloggers lately looking for a new computer.

Fingers and toes crossed. The cats their paws crossed too.

Ah, like knitting - yes, hoping it can be fixed.


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