Another New Hat

I'm bound and determined to get at least one hat in for the Caps for Kids program. I want to do more charity knitting, and I need to start somewhere.

I began a new hat, this time casting on 84 stitches instead of 100. Let's see if this one will actually fit a child.


It looks good so far.


Are you blogging from your brand spanking new computer?! Yay!

It's so nice to have the regular Subway Knitter updates! And even though the previous hat was too big for a child, it looked great!

I just got a glimpse of what you are knitting. Looks great.Did you do a swatch before you started? An average child's head is 17-18 inches in circumference. Depending on how many stitches you get to the inch, this would give you the right amount of stitches to work with. You could always substract a few stitiches to account for a little stretch.

Wow... a childs head is 17-18 inches? My 1 & 2yr olds' heads are already at least 19... they must have big heads!!! Oh, wait... they do!!

So what is the pattern? Looks good. What size needle and how much yarn?


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